Revision history for Perl module Test::WWW::Mechanize::Mojo :

0.0.20   2019-08-23
    - Move repo to:

0.0.19   2018-05-02
    - Hopefullly remove dep on Catalyst.

0.0.18   2018-05-02
    - Convert to dist zilla.

v0.0.17  2016-04-09
    - Fix the tests in the upcomig perl-5.26.0 with the removal of "." from
    @INC .
        - For an example of a broken test, see:
        - Thanks to DCOLLINS and other CPAN testers.

v0.0.16  2014-02-02
    - Fix the tests (and the code) on recent Mojoliciouses.
        - For an example of a broken test, see:
        - Now requiring Mojolicious-4.75.

v0.0.15  2014-02-01
    - Add separate "LICENSE" file (CPANTS).
    - Specify minimum version of perl (CPANTS).
    - Rename "CHANGES" to "Changes" and moved the old
    Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst changes to a different file.
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t .

v0.0.14 2013-11-29
    - Remove some old PODded-out code.
        - Caused a false positive at:

v0.0.13 2013-05-25
    - Fix the tests for Mojolicious 4.07.

v0.0.12 2013-05-21
    - Add t/style-trailing-space.t and get rid of trailing space.

v0.0.11 2012-08-01
    - Got the POD coverage ( t/pod-coverage.t ) to pass again.

v0.0.10 2012-05-13
    - Update the module for recent versions of Mojolicious where
    $t->max_redirects() was removed (after being deprecated).
        - Thanks to tempire on #mojo on for shedding some
        light on this issue.
    - This release coincides with the birthday of Sebastian Riedel
    ( ), the creator and maintainer
    of Mojolicious (and Catalyst previously). Happy birthday, Sebastian!

v0.0.9  2011-05-19
    - Got rid of warnings by switching from $t->client to $t->ua.
        - Thanks to Mirko Westermeier

v0.0.8  2011-01-26
    - Convert the mentioning of CATALYST_SERVER to MOJO_SERVER.
        - thanks to Insurgent Software.

v0.0.7  2011-01-17
    - Fixed and the lib/Test/WWW/Mechanize/ code in recent
    Mojo versions.
        - app->start instead of shagadelic.
        - some tweaks to the ->$method->res.

v0.0.6  2010-09-03
    - Fixed to avoid double encoding in recent Mojo versions.

v0.0.5  2010-06-14
    - Removed the call to Test::Mojo->redirect() which is no longer
    implemented in recent Mojos.

v0.0.4  2010-03-17
    - Now evaluating the GET parameters in requests by using's
    ->path_query() instead of ->path().

v0.0.3  2010-03-04
    - Fix submit_form_ok on the contemporary Mojo::Client . (with a test).

v0.0.2  2010-03-02
    - Add a missing empty line before an "=end". Without it, the POD
    was not displayed properly by perldoc and by .
    - Add a t/pod-coverage.t test.

v0.0.1  2010-03-02
    - Ported to Mojo from Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst
    - Convert from Module::Install to Module::Build .
    - All rights disclaimed.