Changelog for Test-Mojo-Role-StopOnFail

0.01 2019-01-07T14:08:03
 - Do not copy changes to root (Junior Moraes)
 - Update git ignore (Junior Moraes)
 - Update dist.ini (Junior Moraes)
 - Fix kwalitee tests (Junior Moraes)
 - Fix tests after changes (Junior Moraes)
 - Add POD documentation (Junior Moraes)
 - Initial setup of Dist::Zilla (Junior Moraes)
 - Bail out on fail (Junior Moraes)
 - Test bail out (Junior Moraes)
 - Test role (Junior Moraes)
 - Add git ignore (Junior Moraes)
 - Dzil init (Junior Moraes)