Revision history for Test-JSON-Schema-Acceptance

1.000     2020-08-13 19:24:23Z
        - new "add_resource" option, for providing a subref for easy use of
          additional schema resources used by the test suite
        - raise minimum required perl to 5.14
        - now checking for data and schema mutation during evaluation
        - updated test suite to commit ec18a7d0c24b4286f101e7e6956b89a2d4cbc59d

0.999     2020-06-08 23:31:40Z
        - fix type constraint for test data, and add a test to verify it

0.998     2020-06-08 23:05:33Z
        - fix warning when the test directory is empty
        - updated test suite to commit 817b724b7a64d7c18a8232aa32b5f1cc1d6dd153

0.997     2020-05-19 23:24:07Z
        - fix test that warns on 5.10
        - updated test suite to commit 8bf2f7f3869230f4d778356730805866c76e5932

0.996     2020-05-14 19:33:09Z
        - work around problem when files in the test suite are renamed
        - really fix sorting of results table this time
        - updated test suite to commit 7ba95f3588d0f98a4cbce9da0fd42bee6c6931bd

0.995     2020-05-13 17:11:29Z
        - fix sorting of results table so tests in subdirectories appear last
        - fix minimum declared version for Path::Tiny
        - updated test suite to commit 2f2e7cf8bd7c4378107db6115d6af5aae062b105

0.994     2020-05-12 18:43:17Z
        - added "additional_resources" attribute, for accessing
          remotely-referenced content
        - new "include_optional" feature, for including optional tests (GH #12)
        - test results are now available via the "results" accessor method

0.993     2020-05-08 16:55:43Z
        - soften type constraints so as to tolerate older Cpanel::JSON::XS,
          which inflates booleans to different types
        - print information about this module's version, and the commit and
          version of the test suite data we are using
        - new "verbose" option, for more helpful output when running under
          "make test" or "prove"
        - improved handling of exceptions from the tested implementation
        - updated test suite to commit 9d0e0eb31d6be6bebd3bacdd6be119a8841e9999

0.992     2020-05-04 22:40:44Z
        - fix minimum declared version for List::Util (RT#132461)
        - increase minimum version for JSON::MaybeXS, to ensure that booleans
          are JSON::PP::Boolean, not JSON::XS::Boolean
        - include tabular results of passes, fails for each test file (GH #3)
        - updated test suite to commit 361620ecf18b71883f8522cb4c7e95e3e0adcdce

0.991     2020-04-30 23:56:50Z
        - switch from to JSON::MaybeXS (GH #1)
        - package the submodule of test cases in a sharedir (GH #2)
        - additional constructor options, including use of a custom directory
        - add options "validate_data" and "validate_json_string", to
          accomodate the JSON Schema backend preferring either inflated data or a
          JSON-encoded string. (GH #4)
        - remove undocumented "only_test" option, and ability to skip test by
          number (GH #10, GH #11)
        - clearer labels for each test
        - new "tests" option, for restricting the tests that are run (GH #7)
        - deprecated "skip_tests" option
        - new "todo_tests" option, for acknowledging that certain tests do not
          pass yet (GH #6)
        - non-ascii characters are not corrupted during decoding (GH #13)
        - always read test data files in sorted order, for consistent results
        - updated test suite to commit ab9e3d5c53abe0a0d2a5a21429fb12524b0926a0

0.990     2020-04-23 18:00:40Z
        - updated distribution packaging
        - updated test suite with latest tests (to commit c4d3e0f92ced13c288d1713815c00539b09c9d2e)

0.0.2   2015-09-04
        Fixed Github issue #7 - Draft tested is dependant on last call to new, not object instance.

0.0.1   2015-09-03
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.