[Changes for 1.50 - 2011-01-08]

* LICENSING CHANGE: This compilation and all individual files in it
  are now under the nullary CC0 1.0 Universal terms:

  To the extent possible under law, 唐鳳 has waived all copyright and
  related or neighboring rights to Term-ANSIScreen.

* Fix an uninitialized warning during "make test".

* Documentation change: Add missing "white" and "cyan" functions, and
  reorder the color listing with a more logical arrangement.

  Contributed by: Meir Guttman

[Changes for 1.42 - 2004-03-22]

* Two new :screen commands, "clup" and "cldown", contributed
  by Benno Puetz.

[Changes for 1.41 - 2004-02-20]

* Added tests equivalant of Term::ANSIColor 1.08.

* Avoid warnings during DESTROY and tests.

[Changes for 1.40 - 2002-10-02]

* Added functions equivalant of Term::ANSIColor 1.04.

* $ENV{ANSI_COLOR_DISABLED} and uncolor() are supported.

* Added setscroll(), contributed by Cory Johns.

* Exceptions are now handled by croak() instead of die().

* Documented the Win32::Console emulation mode.
  It now does not take a ($flag) anymore -- on Win32 it will
  always spawn a Win32::Console object instead and the
  constructor arguments are passed to that module verbatim.

* Numerous test fixes.

[Changes for 1.30 - 2002-08-14]

* Massive style changes.  No functional difference.

[Changes for 1.20 - 2001-02-01]

* Added the functionality to double as Win32::Console
  object; simply pass a Term::ANSIScreen->new($flag)
  to create it. If $flag is true and the OS is Win32,
  it will spawn an Win32::Console object instead.

[Changes for 1.00 - 2001-01-11]

* The Initial release of version 1.00.