The following logs changes for the CPAN distribution Template::Lace

0.017   December 5, 2017
        - New (experimental) Feature: Local components.  You may declare a
          component to be handled by a method in your view model.
0.016   September 25, 2017
        - Some Template::Lace::DOM optimizations
        - Fixed issue where setup time components didn't have the correct
        - Allow you to return a literal css match for a component to return
          a collection of nodes and not the stringified content form.

0.015   August 28, 2017
        - Restored feature where components normalized scripts and styles

0.014   August 24, 2017
        - Another tweak to the tt helper.

0.013   August 24, 2017
        - Fixed incorrect version number of dependency that caused install to

0.012   August 24, 2017
        - New 'add_class' helper for when you want to append classes to the
          existing ones.
        - New 'tt' helper that lets you escape DOM only transformations at
          fill a node's content via Template::Tiny.  Useful when you need to
          populate an inline script with variables.

0.011   August 11, 2017
        - New list helper for optgroup
        - New helper 'for' that combines 'fill' with a match specification.
        - disabled how a component moves its scripts and styles to the HEAD of
          the parent DOM.  This feature needs more thinking.

0.010   July 31, 2017 
        - Update dependencies to take advantage of some performance increases
        - Corrected handling of the DL helper and fixed documentation
0.009   July 16, 2017
        - improved the regexp for detecting components so that you can have componenets
          with 'deep' namespacing "aaa-bbb-ccc".

0.008   July 16 2017
        - BREAKING CHANGE: calling ->repeat on Template::Lace::DOM now requires
          that you return the new DOM object, rather than changing the existing
          one.  Sorry, just was the only way I could fix some serious repeat issues.
          Think of repeat as if its like 'map'.  Depending on how your are using
          this you might actually get away with no changes, you'll have to test.
        - POD Fixes.
        - More extensive example application in the /examples directory FWIW.

0.007   June 28 2017
        - Fixed a bug where certain input types got a value even where there
          wasn't one.
        - Some new DOM helpers and documented others that existed but where not
          in the POD yet, added some tests;

0.006   22 June 2017
        - Fixed missing test dependencies
        - New helper methods on Template::Lace::DOM for working with forms

0.005   22 May 2017
        - Fixed the AutoTemplate role

0.004   22 May 2017
        - We removed Template::Lace::ModelRole since it wasn't needed.
        - arguments on components declared in templates can now pass complex
          data (using JSON).
        - shortcut on 'class' helper to make it easier to set several classes.
        - Removed accidental warnings in code
        - added 'value' attribute helper
        - when using DOM->do you can use '.' as the CSS match specification
          to indicate 'current DOM'.

0.003   12 May 2017
        - More HTML attribute helpers
        - new Template::Lace::DOM method to run transforms under a context
        - new Template::Lace::DOM method to run a list of actions to take
          on the DOM.
        - new Renderer shortcut methods 'call' and 'call_at' to make it easier
          to call methods on the Model to tranform the current DOM

0.002   25 April 2017
        - Fixed POD errors in previous version

0.001   25 April 2017
        - First usable version, with caveats (its still early access)