Revision history for Perl extension TOML

0.97 2016-03-20T01:40:44Z

    - Don't escape forward slash. (thanks to Vickenty)

0.96 2015-02-18T14:37:31Z

    - Just import Exporter's "import" instead of inheriting from it. (thanks to dolmen)

0.95 2014-10-08T23:41:57Z

    - Required TOML::Parser 0.04 or later. (bug fixed in this version)

0.94 2014-05-22T13:28:16Z

    - Required TOML::Parser 0.03 or later. (many bugs are fixed in this version)

0.93 2014-05-18T14:33:11Z

    - Use TOML::Parser for parsing.
    - Now conforms to the specifications of CPAN::Changes::Spec.

0.92 2013-04-24T07:49:02-04:00

    - COPYING, MANIFEST, README: Added another contributor, and GPL.
    - Changelog: Add Changelog, per issues/5
    - Added forgotten contributor (sorry!)
    - MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP: Add MANIFEST.SKIP to MANIFEST, and add .travis.yml to it
    - .travis.yml: config.
    - Handle embedded \" in strings.
    - Bump version number.
    - : Merge pull request -4 from tokuhirom/better-unescape Better unescape
    -, t/escape.t: Unescape characters correctly.
    - README: Fix formatting for Contributor section.
    - Fix formatting for Contributor section.

0.91 2013-03-19T09:01:13-04:00

    - README: Updated README from docs.
    - t/reparse.t: Test roundtripping data -> toml -> data.
    - Code cleanups and new documentation.
    - MANIFEST: Add new tests to manifest.
    - t/example.t: Not sure why the structure was named $yaml, that doesn't make sense.
    - : Merge pull request -3 from tokuhirom/master to_toml
    - t/to_toml.t: better test case
    - Allow \z after number
    -, t/to_toml.t: TOML generator
    - README, Update docs to reflect contributions.
    -, t/broken.t: Update test to emit line number and broken line, as recommended by Matthias Bethke
    - README: Update README with new docs.
    - MANIFEST,, t/broken.t: On error, from_toml returns (undef, $error) in list context, and undef in scalar context.
    - .gitignore: Ignore build stuff.

0.9 2013-02-25T09:18:27-08:00

    - : Merge pull request -1 from sergeyromanov/master Replace 'vars' pragma
    - Parser for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language