0.102800  2010-10-07 15:25:16 America/Chicago

    * Added the increment and decrement methods to Sword::Module
    * Added lookup to the examples scripts
    * Added the top, bottom, and strip_text methods to Sword::Module
    * Added the Sword::Key module for interfacing with SWKey. This provides the
      methods clone, set_text, get_text, get_short_text, get_range_text,
      compare, equals, increment, decrement, top, bottom, and index.
    * Corrected a memory leak in Sword::Manager::modules().
    * Added a BUGS section to the Sword POD regarding the fact that this thing
      probably leaks memory terribly at the moment.
    * Corrected the typemap so that error messages on incorrect types passed to
      the XS methods would correctly report the type without "Ptr" being incorrectly
      added to the end of the message.

0.102770  2010-10-04 18:18:50 America/Chicago

    * The initial release of the Sword library
    * Provides Sword::Manager to interface with SWMgr. Provides a new
      constructor, and modules and get_module methods.
    * Provides Sword::Module to interface with SWModule. Provides name,
      description, type, set_key, and render_text methods.