Revision history for Perl extension String::Dirify.

1.03  2016-05-11T09:21:00
	- Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Spec::Changes
	- Replace /usr/bin/perl with /usr/bin/env perl.
	- Replace common::sense with use strict and use warnings, to get uninit var warnings.
	- Adopt new repo structure. For details, see
		This includes switching from the Artistic V 1.0 licence to the Perl licence.
		And this in turn satisfies a request from Emmanuel Seyman who is right now packaging this
		distro for Fedora.
	- Reformat POD so lines are no more than 100 chars wide. This is my (Ron's) personal policy.
	- Move t/pod.t to xt/author/.

1.02  Fri Jan  7 10:41:00 2011
	- Add explicit copyright text in Source/ for Debian packaging.
	- Add newline at end of t/pod.t.

1.01  Wed Feb 10 13:53:05 2010
	- Add META.yml. Update MANIFEST.SKIP. Add MANIFEST and MYMETA.yml.

1.00  Fri Jun 26 11:09:00 2009
	- Original version