Revision history for Perl extension Statistics::Descriptive.

3.0800      2020-10-17
    - dist.ini / weaver.ini / .tidyallrc / etc. cleanup
        - Move to @SHLOMIF
        - Inspired by Lady_Aleena (Thanks!)

v0.2.1      2015-04-28
    - Specify minimal version of perl to 5.8.x.
        - CPANTS / Kwalitee
    - Add provides to META.yml.
        - CPANTS / Kwalitee

v0.2.0      2015-03-09
    - Remove dependency on Moo/MooX/MooX::late.
        - Seemed like an overkill for such a small and simple app.
    - Remove dependency on List::MoreUtils.
        - To avoid unnecessary deps.

v0.0.5      2015-01-25
    - Add inc/ to the git repo, so minting a new release.

v0.0.4      2014-05-04
    - Add minimal prereq on Getopt::Long 2.36 for GetOptionsFromArray.
        - There were test failures with older Getopt::Long-s.

v0.0.3      2014-05-02
    - Convert t/app.t from IPC::System::Simple to Test::Trap hoping to
    fix test failures on MS Windows.
        - we also don't use a separate process now but rather capture

v0.0.2      2014-05-01
    - Change the meta resources/links to point to the actual repository at
        - Thanks to pyon from Freenode for noticing it.
3.0702      2018-10-25
    - Rephrase some lacking phrasing in the docs.
        - Thanks to @melak .

3.0701      2018-07-14
    - Typo corrections thanks to Debian

3.0700      2018-07-13
    - Typo corrections thanks to Debian
    - Added the ->summary() method to Statistics::Descriptive::Full.
        - Thanks to Su-Shee

3.0613      2018-05-02
    - Convert to Dist-Zilla.

3.0612      2016-01-09
    - Move the VCS repository to GitHub.
        - People are more used to it, and it can take part in the CPAN pull-req

3.0611      2016-01-07
    - Apply patch from Debian to correct a spelling error.
        - Thanks to Salvatore Bonaccorso for the report and patch.

3.0610      2016-01-06
    - Clarified the docs for add_data_with_samples().
        - Some people thought they were repeat counts of the data , but they
        are normally ignored.
    - Replace remaining tabs with spaces.

3.0609      2015-06-19
    - Update some old URLs and addresses.

3.0608      2015-01-14
    - Apply patch to speed up skewness calculations.
        - Thanks to Shawn (SLAFFAN).

3.0607      2014-02-01
    - Fix the List::MoreUtils prereqs.
        - Thanks to Chris Williams (BINGOS) for the CPAN Testers Report.

3.0606      2014-01-31
    - Implement the median_absolute_deviation method.
        - Thanks to Kang-min Liu.
    - Minimal version of perl set to 5.6.0 (CPANTS).
    - Add standalone LICENSE file (CPANTS).

3.0605      2013-05-21
    - Add t/style-trailing-space.t .
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t .
        - Convert Changes to it.

3.0604      2012-07-14
    - Correct a misspelling of "weight" in
        - Thanks to Wilhelm for the report.
    - Update the scripts/ file for Mercurial.

3.0603      2012-05-15
    - Use in_between to compare decimal numbers
        - Smoothing tests were failing because of rounding problems
        - Thanks to Andreas J. K├Ânig for reporting it and to
          Fabio Ponciroli for fixing it.

3.0602      2012-05-12
    - Correct a typo:
        - Thanks to Salvatore Bonaccorso and the Debian Perl Group
        for the report.

3.0601      2012-05-11
    - No longer using Test::Exception in the tests.
        - It was used by the tests and not specified in
        - Thanks to for the report.

3.0600      2012-05-11
    - Add the smoothing functionality.
        - Add the following public methods: add_data_with_samples(),
        set_smoother(), get_smoothed_data() to the main module.
        - Add the lib/Statistics/Descriptive/ and
        - Thanks to Fabio Ponciroli
    - Add the scripts/ to facilitate bumping the
    version number.

3.0500      2012-05-03
    - Add the get_data_without_outliers() and the set_outlier_filter()
        - See
        - Thanks to Fabio Ponciroli

3.0400      2012-03-01
    - Fix
        - some function should return undef() in list context so they can
        be easily assigned to values in hash initialisations.
        - thanks to SLAFFAN for a preliminary patch which was modified
        by SHLOMIF (the current Statistics-Descriptive maintainer).

3.0300      2012-02-11
    - Now mean() and median() and other routines return undef() if there are
    no data.
    - Somewhat incompatible change: some methods that returned undef() under
    list context now return an empty list (so it will be false).
        - it is generally not recommended to call such methods in list context
        as they should always be called in scalar context.
    - Resolves
        - thanks to Shawn Laffan for the report and the patch.

3.0203      2011-11-17
    - Fix .
        - percentile should not die and should return undef if there are
        no elements in the collection.

3.0202      2011-07-23
    - Moved to scripts/ (though we now use
    Mercurial instead of Subversion.)
    - Add t/mode.t to test the ->mode() method.
    - Documented ->mode() better.
    - Optimized ->mode().

3.0201      2010-10-14
    - Add some documentation clarifying the 0th percentile return, as it
    returns undef() for representing -inf:
        - Fix
        - Thanks to Dave Breimann for reporting it.
    - Add the to tag a release using Subversion.

3.0200      2010-06-18
    - Added skewness and kurtosis
        - Thanks to Shawn Laffan.
    - Removed the Changes / Revision log from the .pm file.

3.0102      2010-06-15
    - Add the $VERSION variable to Statistics::Descriptive::Sparse and
    Statistics::Descriptive::Full. This was done to silence the CPAN indexer.

3.0101      2010-06-15
    - Moved the trimmed_mean caching test (that used the module)
    to rejects/descr.t , because it kept failing.

3.0100      2009-07-20
    - Added the quantile method - thanks to Djibril Ousmanou (DJIBEL).

3.0000      2009-05-29
    - Added tests (for ->count, ->sum, ->sumsq, ->min, ->max)
    - Localized the scope of $stat and other variables in t/descr.t
    - Got rid of AUTOLOAD in favour of individual accessors.
    - Converted many direct member accesses to the accessors.
    - Added ->frequency_distribution_ref() which deprecates
    - Some refactoring of the lib/Statistics/ module
    (without breaking the documented API).

2.9         2009-05-13

    - Fixed bug :
        - standard_deviation failing due to a variance that got evaluated
        to 0 due to rounding errors.
    - Kwalitee : added a LICENSE section to the POD.
    - Kwalitee (CPANTS) : added an examples/ directory with a script.

2.8         2009-05-09

    - Enabled "./Build runtest" and "./Build distruntest" (using Test::Run)
    in the distribution.

    - Fixed incomplete/broken tests in t/descr.t.

2.7         2009-05-03

    - Converted the distribution to Build.PL and re-organized it to
    put everything under its proper place. Started maintaining it in:
        - [Old SVN Repository] - URL Elided.

    - Converted t/descr.t to use "use strict;" and "use warnings;".

    - Converted t/descr.t to use Test::More.

    - Cleaned up the "use" statement of lib/Statistics/

    - Added more explicit dependencies (core, though) to Build.PL.

    - Fixed RT bug #34999: freq distribution generated too many bins.

    - Added some keywords and resources to the META.yml, using Build.PL's

    - Fixed
        - more authoritative (and non-broken) link to the RFC.

    - Applied the patch in
        - {{#9160: Variance and Standard Deviation use costly pseudo-variance,
        instead of computing real variance}}.

2.6         2002-10-10
    - Fixed caching in trimmed mean and modified code to allow trimming
      0% from upper bound.  Formerly if 0 was requested then it used the
      lower bound!

    - POD format patch from ddunlap

2.5         1999-05-12
    - Forgot to document change in v2.4, which included fixing
      percentile so that it worked right and added to the test
    - Modified frequency_distribution so that specific bins could
      be passed in.  Fixed caching so that it actually works
      (it only used to get stuck returning the result of the
      first call).
    - Turned off caching for least_squares_fit because there's no
      way to generate a unique key for memorization.

2.3         1998-11-12
    - Fix for frequency distribution.
      Changed Makefile.PL to ease ActiveState distribution of the module.
      Andrea's code for preventing division by zero and other
      improvements.  He also wrote a great test bench.
      Added code from Warren Matthews to calculate percentile.

2.2         1998-02-23
    - Multiple bug fixes:
      Fixed min/max bug with '0' vs defined.
      Provided fix for bug with AUTOLOAD/DESTROY/Carp problem.

2.1         1997-09-02
    - Multiple bug fixes:
      Cleaned up syntax error with my scoping.
      Fixed errors in least_squares_fit and median methods

2.00        1997-08-20
    - new version; created by h2xs 1.16
    - Complete rewrite of OO interface by Colin Kuskie.
    - Now has 2 classes instead of 1.5, a base class without data
      storage and a class that inherits the base methods and
      extends them with data storage and more statistics.

1.1         1995-04-01
        - Added LeastSquaresFit and FrequencyDistribution.

1.0         1995-03-01
        - Released to comp.lang.perl and placed on archive sites.

0.20        1994-12-01
        - Complete rewrite after extensive and invaluable e-mail
          correspondence with Anno Siegel.

0.10        1994-12-01
        - Initital concept, released to perl5-porters list.
    - Jason Kastner <>