0.05 2018-07-31
-bugfix: define cxinc as Perl_cxinc when not defined in perls w/ MULTICALL_PUSH bug
-feature: to_array() returns unordered array ref of values in the heap
-feature: explain() generates a string describing the structure of the tree
-behavior: merge() is now non-destructive and returns a new skew heap

0.04 2018-07-25
-Switch to vanilla XS
-Switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker

0.03 2018-03-28
-Inline config to make initialization friendly for distribution

0.02 2018-03-20
-new: put() accepts multiple values
-bugfix: remove unused struct member
-bugfix: support anonymous sub in constructor

0.01 2018-03-20
-Initial release