Revision history for Perl extension Schema::RDBMS::AUS.

0.04  Thu Jun  5 21:23:00 2008
    - Updated to not use Class::Driver
    - Force dependency on CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml,
      since it's no longer a part of the bleed CGI::Session
      (even though it should be!)
    - Pg schema is still v.0.01, because Pg's definition of what
      is allowed has changed. Hopefully it won't change again. :-(
      (PG_BYTEA & typecasting strings to ints...)

0.03  ?
    - Switched to using YAML instead of JSON, since YAML can store
      reference types natively and there *is* a YAML parser available
      for JavaScript.
    - Fleshed out the documentation for CGI::Session::AUS. Thanks to
      Mark Stosberg for pointing this out. :-)

0.02  Thu Mar  9 10:13:00 2006
    - Misc. changes, most notable is using JSON as the default
      session serializer. JSON is YAML is understood by many

0.01  Mon Jan  2 14:00:34 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AXP -b 5.6.0 -n Schema::RDBMS::AUS