Revision history for Perl extension SVN::RaWeb::Light.

0.60006 2015-12-28
    - Update E-mail address.

0.60004 2015-05-30
    - Add resources/keywords to META.yml.

0.60003 2014-01-31
    - Minimum version of perl is 5.8.x (CPANTS).
    - Fix the generation of ::Help.
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t and t/style-trailing-space.t - fix their problems.
    - Remove Makefile.PL - it was old and broken.
    - Move the Mocks and Tests under ./t/lib .

0.60002 2011-06-04
    - Add more modules to the dependencies, including SVN::Core
    - Fix the POD coverage by making _escape private.

0.60001 2006-10-10
    - Added the Build.PL file and got it to build.
    - Added "use strict" and "use warnings" to all files.
    - Added t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t and made sure we have full POD

0.6.0   2005-07-07
    - There's now a full test coverage.
    - Added the URL translations. (with all relevant CGI parameters)
    - Added the Help Screen.
    - Added a link to showing the control panel.

0.4.0   2005-04-12
    - Added a test suite.
    - Did some code cleanup.
    - Fixed a bug where accessing the script without a leading / in the
    path_info did not redirect to the same URL only with a /.

0.2.2   2004-11-15
    - Added an AUTHORS file
    - Updated the README and the POD document to make the intention of
    the module clearer.

0.2.1   2004-11-11
    - Fixed the bug with the ?rev=${HEAD} leading to a non-rev= URL and the one
    with the rev=0 being ignored.
    - Fix the bug with the .. directory listed in the top directory of the
    CGI script.

0.2.0   2004-11-09
    First Stable Release.
    Browse a single repository using a URL parameter.
    The rev parameter.