[Changes for 2.2.3 - 21 Mar, 2010]

  Fix META.yml.

[Changes for 2.2.2 - 10 Mar, 2010]

  Subversion 1.6.x compatiblity fixes.

[Changes for 2.2.1 - 22 Oct, 2008]

  Fix the incorrect version information in META.yml

  Mirror subsystem
    * Fix memory leak for bootstrapping mirrors.

[Changes for 2.2.0 - 17 Sep, 2008]

  New features
    * Branch support as 'svk branch' subcommand
    * SVKBATCHMODE environment variable

    * Require Time::Progress

  Mirror subsystem
    * New bootstrap option to initialize a mirror from an svn dump
      file, which can be an URL stored on the svk:dump-url property on
      the server
    * When committing or merging to a mirror, avoid roundtripping
      the latest revision (requires Subversion 1.5)
    * Fix a bug when mirroring a copy revision with unnormalized
      revision outside mirror anchor and newer th an anchor head
    * Fix URI escape issues for pushing changes to mirrors
    * Support mirroring a source that was renamed from somewhere else
    * Fix svk sync where a copy is made from revisions condensed with
      snapshot made by previous sync --skipto

  Merge subsystem
    * Bugfixes for opened file handle passed to editor under win32,
      causing file to be opened as read-only
    * Fix a problem that merge-ticket might be reverted on mirror
      in some cases
    * Fix a bug when merging a copy with modification to the copied
      source, it might cause checksum error
    * Addition of equality check for merge tickets
    * Better conflict handling that remembers the type of conflict,
      handling of data from the merge editor


    * Test coverage for offlining existing branches (both offline and
    * TODO tests for renaming of an intermediate branch tracking
    * Test coverage for pulling into a branch from a local branch
    * Test coverage for checking out to a path from svk br --checkout 
    * Test coverage for modifying property changes (including conflicts)
    * Fixed tests for baseless smerge
    * Test coverage for switching a branch and proper handling of
      merge tickets

    * General Documentation cleanup
    * Documentation for SVK::Info properly matches expected output
    * Conversion to use SVK::Log (and Log::Log4perl) for output
    * Add an option of '0' to select "No project" if there is not a
      project to use while mirroring a new URI
    * svk will not set property status as modified when a path is added or 
    * svk now stores known conflict types (provided by merge editor) in 
      .conflict property
    * General usability for working with files no longer exists in HEAD
  svk commit
    * A property may have a conflict when the node is ok, so combine
      them in the target list

  svk merge
    * Don't write to the log if it is a check run, regardless of -l option
  svk resolved
    * svk resolved will resolve all conflicts in a checkout path

  svk update
    * Add custom svk:merge property resolver handler to handle merging
      of merge tickets properly

    * svk will not clobber upstream Log::Log4perl configurations