Revision history for Perl extension Redis::ScriptCache

0.05  Fri Dec 30 17:42 2016
  - load scripts on demand by trying evalsha first, falling back to eval so
    cached scripts survive a redis flush/crash

0.04  Mon Oct 12 15:11 2015
  - Fixed a bug in run_script for context-aware returns

0.03  Thu Sep 10 15:48 2015
  - Fixed META files for proper dependency declaration

0.02  Thu Sep 10 10:36 2015
  - not fully backwards compatible anymore
  - run_script doesn't take SHA1s anymore, but script_name as specified by
    register_script, so the caller no longer needs to keep track of sha1s
  - better test suite
  - script_dir capability, either in new() or in register_all_scripts(), so
    register_file now possible as well as register_script
  - script_cache checks are all local, no more Redis roundtrips to check for
    script existence
  - flush_all_scripts() option, to flush remote Redis and local script_cache

0.01  Fri Oct 12 15:00 2012
  - original version