Revision history for RMI:

0.10 Tue 19 Oct 2010
            Any package/class can have custom proxy handling by implementing RMI::Proxy::$CLASSNAME
            Custom handling for DBI gets around odd XS issues.
            Build process cleanup.

0.09 Sat 24 Oct 2009
            Updated version numbers across the module tree to be consistent.
            Some modules used qv(), while others used numbers, causing errors in version tracking.

0.08 Fri 23 Oct 2009
            Code cleanup for clarity.

0.07 Wed 21 Oct 2009
            Fixed bug in RMI::Server causing it to exit when the first client exits.
            Fixed bug in RMI::Client causing odd warnings during global destruction.

0.06 Sun 02 Aug 2009
            Refactored into separate language subdirectories.

0.05 Wed 28 Jan 2009
            An additional bug fixed appearing only with Perl 5.10 when proxy references DESTROY.

0.04 Tue 27 Jan 2009
            Fixed a bug causing segfault on Perl 5.10 when virtual libs are in use.

0.03 Mon 26 Jan 2009
            Updated POD extensively.

0.02 Sun 25 Jan 2009
            Replacement with updated Makefile.PL to require a newer Test::More.

0.01 Sun 25 Jan 2009
	    Initial release.