Revision history for Perl module Pod::Escapes

1.07 2014-12-09 NEILB

    - All changes from Ken Williamson as part of EBCDIC work for 5.22
    - Fix typo in comment
    - Reorder structure definitions
    - Fill %Name2character better for EBCDIC
    - Generalize for EBCDIC
    - doc clarification

1.06_01 2014-12-05 NEILB

    - A bunch of changes from KHW++ for EBCDIC support.
    - Doing a developer release first, to make sure everything's good
      from CPAN Testers.

1.06 2014-02-14 NEILB

    - e2charnum() was using \d but should use [0-9].
      RT#70246 report and fix from MARCGREEN
    - Added a bunch of pod-related links to SEE ALSO

1.05 2014-02-09 NEILB

    * Added PREREQ_PM, MIN_PERL_VERSION, LICENSE and repo to Makefile.PL
    * Made strict- and warnings-clean.
    * Fixed syntax error in abstract: RT#49985 from JDHEDDEN
    * Fixed typo reported in RT#85374 by dsteinbrunner
    * Renamed this file to Changes and reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    * Deleted META.yml so MakeMaker will generate MYMETA.{yml,json}
    * Noted in pod that now being maintained by NEILB
    * Added link to github repo in pod

1.04_01 2014-02-08 NEILB

    * All the changes listed in 1.05 above were first done as a developer

1.04 2004-05-07 SBURKE

    * adding support for E<x123> as an alternate form for E<0x123>.
      Adding the function e2charnum and the hash %Name2character_number.

    * Tests rearranged, and new ones added.

1.03 2002-08-27 SBURKE

    * previous version mistakenly thought that "x4f"
      was the syntax for hex escapes in Pod.  Perlpod says it's 0x4f, so
      Pod::Escapes has been changed to support this syntax instead

1.02 2001-12-14 SBURKE

    * added %Name2character_number and e2charnum,
      at the suggestion of Tim Jenness.

1.01 2001-10-24 SBURKE

    * Release 1.01 -- first release version