Revision history for Plack-App-MCCS

1.000000  2016-10-24 17:11:41+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Bugfix: assign the correct path to the filehandle when reading the
	  minified file. This also allows windows tests to pass.
      - Bugfix: tests would fail if JavaScript::Minifier::XS and
        CSS::Minifier::XS were not installed
	- add autodie to protect against ignored errors in file operations
	- add min_cache_dir to reduce pollution with files that are hard to

0.007002  2015-09-15 16:39:09+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Bugfix: bin/mccs did not parse the root directory from the command
	  line arguments correctly. Also print it out so its obvious.

0.007001  2015-02-07 22:43:20+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Small typo fix

0.007000  2015-02-07 19:33:20+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added the mccs script to quickly start an MCCS application serving
	  files from a directory.

0.006000  2014-02-26 20:01:38+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Created a middleware that uses MCCS to serve static files.
	- Fixed bug causing endless re-additions of the max-age value to the
	  cache control header.

0.005     2012-11-23 16:54:16 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added the ability to disable creation and examination of ETags.

0.004     2012-09-06 22:09:09 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Removed bad test that caused tested installations to fail.

0.003     2011-09-16 19:24:24 Asia/Jerusalem
	- MCCS now doesn't read/write ETag files for resources with the
	  no-store cache control option.

0.002     2011-09-16 02:36:35 Asia/Jerusalem
	- MCCS now knows to recognize stale minfied/compressed versions of
	  files and their etag files, so you don't need to manually remove these
	  versions when you modify a source file

0.001     2011-08-31 20:55:10 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Initial release