0.893   2020-05-18  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium


0.892   2020-03-04  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium

	- [test] Avoid Foo, Bar, et al package names, use
	  Perinci::Access::Schemeless::Test* instead.

0.891   2019-07-21  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium

	- [test] Update tests to latest Perinci::Sub::Complete &
	  Perinci::Examples [RT#130121].

0.890   2019-01-06  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Replace the use of Package::MoreUtil with Package::Util::Lite.

0.88    2017-07-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Replace Log::Any with Log::ger.

0.87    2016-06-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [test] Replace File::Slurp::Tiny with File::Slurper.

	- [dist] Bump prereq version Perinci::Sub::Normalize -> 0.18,
	  Perinci::Sub::Wrapper -> 0.83.

0.86    2016-02-04  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Fix regex for Perl package name (0-9 is allowed for subpackage

0.85    2015-12-17  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Return original value of args_as and result_naked in
	  _orig_args_as and _orig_result_naked respectively, for client
	  libraries like Perinci::To::Doc which might need the information.

	- Bump prereq version Log::Any::IfLOG to 0.07.

0.84    2015-09-03  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to
	  DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec

0.83    2015-08-18  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Switch from Log::Any to Log::Any::IfLOG.

0.82    2015-03-06  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Add test for avoiding double wrapping.

0.81    2015-03-06  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [Bugfix] Fix key name, d'oh.

0.80    2015-03-06  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Fix/tweak criteria of whether we should wrap (don't wrap if
	  argument is already validated).

	- Remove support for old attribute name x.perinci.sub.wrapper.log.

	- Use good ol' ref() again instead of Scalar::Util::reftype(),
	  because I'm no longer blessing Perinci::Sub::Wrapper-wrapped

0.79    2014-12-31  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Add more helpful error message for 'No metadata for ...'.

0.78    2014-12-11  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [Bugfix] Forgot to update test regarding change to periscomp (now
	  returns completion answer in hashform) [CT].

0.77    2014-12-05  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Use the new renamed module SHARYANTO::Package::Util ->

0.76    2014-12-03  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Switch {SHARYANTO::Module::Path,Module::Path::More}.

0.75    2014-12-02  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- [Bugfix] Module prefix like Foo was not found if Foo.pm does not
	  also exist, because we used Foo.pm.

	- Document about x.hint.result_binary.

0.74    2014-10-24  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Give hint in result metadata when result is binary (buf).

0.73    2014-10-23  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Bump dependency version.

0.72     2014-10-23  Released-By: PERLANCAR

         - Bump Riap support to 1.2 (no longer produces v=>1.1 keys on info
           response). Note that we don't check riap.* keys on result metadata
           because they are only supposed to be produced by (network) servers,
           and this is an in-process (serverless) Riap client.

         - Fix typo: unimplemented status is 501, not 502.

0.71     2014-09-06  Released-By: PERLANCAR

         - No functional changes.

         - Force upgrade to Perinci::Sub::Wrapper 0.62 (rename
           x.perinci.wrapper.* metadata attributes).

0.70     2014-08-24  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes.

         - [Bugfix] Meta on /blah (non-package entity directly under /) should
           return 404 status, not empty meta.

0.69     2014-06-25  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes.

         - Replace ModuleOrPrefix::Path with SHARYANTO::Module::Path (the
           former's functionality has been included in the latter, thus the
           former is removed from CPAN).

0.68     2014-06-18  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Add action: complete_arg_elem (Riap 1.1.23).

0.67     2014-05-17  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes.

         - Replace File::Slurp with File::Slurp::Tiny.

0.66     2014-04-30  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - meta action: Now uses Perinci::Sub::Normalize instead of
           Perinci::Sub::Wrapper to reduce startup overhead in things like
           Perinci::CmdLine's --help or autocompletion (which only request
           'meta' action). In other words, we now decouple metadata
           normalization and wrapping.


         - Remove 'extra_wrapper_args' option (it's not used so far, except for
           turning off wrapping in Perinci::CmdLine in completion mode to reduce
           startup overhead).

         - meta action: Remove returning 'orig_meta' in result metadata (so far
           it's only used by Perinci::To::Doc when wanting to know the original
           value of 'result_naked' and 'args_as' properties). This can now be
           done via the 'normalize_metadata'=>0 option.


         - Rename option 'extra_wrapper_convert' to 'set_function_properties'
           (the new name is more abstract and less low-level).

0.65     2014-04-16  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Set 'entity_date' property from $DATE package variable.

0.64     2014-04-15  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - call action: accept 'argv' Riap request key. This is actually not
           defined yet in specification, but useful in cases where an argument
           has a cmdline_alias with coderef, where it will fail to be parsed at
           the client-side because JSON doesn't transport the coderef.

0.63     2014-03-30  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Remove $self->{_actionmetas} and $self->{_typeaccts} cache. They are
           per-object (instead of global) so a bit wasteful, they make patching
           of adding new actions not work after the object is created, and they
           are microoptimization anyway.

0.62     2014-03-27  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes.

         - Adjust to Perinci::Sub::Wrapper 0.56.

0.61     2014-03-26  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Die message from function got hidden.

0.60     2014-03-20  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Avoid using _get_code_and_meta() accept in get_code() and get_meta(),
           for better subclassing (I'm currently hacking on

0.59     2014-03-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Skip wrapping function if already metadata tells that wrapped in
           embed mode (see Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Rinci::Wrap).

0.58     2014-03-06  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Adjust to Perinci::Sub::Wrapper 0.51.

0.57     2013-12-21  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - On load=0, return error on request to package that does not exist (so
           that things like list => /Existing/Sub_That_Doesnt_Exist/ can fail).

0.56     2013-12-20  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Allow list action on parent of allowed paths (e.g. allow_paths=/a/b
           then we allow list on / and /a but it will still show only the
           allowed paths).

0.55     2013-11-27  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Allow scheme '/' in Perinci::Access::Perl (for App::riap's

         - Bugfix: Fix matching against {allow,deny}_paths &

0.54     2013-11-27  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Now return relative URI's in list and child_metas, to be more
           tree-like (preferred by App::riap).

0.53     2013-11-04  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Remove disk cache because I think it's inelegant, causes stale cache
           problems and security issues; for reducing startup overhead, will
           count on embedded wrapping (instead of on-the-fly/dynamic wrapping)
           provided by the next version of Perinci::Sub::Wrapper.


         - Move complete_arg_val implementation routine to Perinci-Sub-Complete
           so it is reusable outside the context of Riap.

0.52     2013-10-03  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Avoid perl undef warning.

0.51     2013-10-03  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - wrap cache file: check for staleness.

         - wrap cache file: create legal filename for Windows (no ':').

         - wrap cache file: option to output UTF-8 ('use_utf8' attribute,
           currently undocumented).

0.50     2013-10-02  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - use err().

         - Add option: disk_cache (default: 0) to cache wrap result to disk.

0.49     2013-09-08  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - 'meta' action returned empty orig_meta.

0.48     2013-09-08  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Rename distribution from Perinci-Access-InProcess to
           Perinci-Access-Perl, split Perinci::Access::InProcess to ::Perl and
           ::Schemeless as its superclass. This clears up some things, mainly
           that pl:/Foo/Bar/ must point to Foo::Bar perl package so things like
           package_prefix are moved to Schemeless.

0.47     2013-09-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Update to Rinci 1.1.36 (entity_version becomes entity_v).

         [BUG FIXES]

         - 'list', 'info', 'actions' actions now correctly check the existence
           of entity first.

         - Subsequent attempt at loading a failed module ($INC{foo} is undef) is
           now correctly reported as error.

0.46     2013-09-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - 'list' action should only ignore missing modules, not compile errors.

         - Fix uri parsing: /foo should mean function 'foo', not package 'foo'.


         - Add PackagePrefix subclass (proof of concept).

0.45     2013-09-05  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Fix regression: if package already exists (like 'main'), don't fail
           the module loading. This broke a lot of scripts yesterday.

0.44     2013-09-04  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - 'meta' action on '/' now works.

         - 'list' action now correctly lists prefixes, e.g. if there are only
           foo::bar::baz and foo::bar::qux, 'list' action on '/foo/' correctly
           lists '/foo/bar/' instead of returning empty.

         - Observe {allow,deny}_paths in 'list' action.

0.43     2013-08-22  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Rename option 'use_wrapped_sub' to 'wrap'.


         - Internal refactoring to make custom behavior easier to implement

         - Add options 'allow_paths' and 'deny_paths'.


         - Remove support for per-entity wrapping flag (via
           _perinci.access.inprocess.use_wrapped_sub property) because it's
           currently unused.


         - Adjust to Perinci::Access::Base 0.29.

0.42     2013-08-13  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Bug fix for parse_url().

0.41     2013-08-13  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Add parse_url() support.

0.40     2013-08-13  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Remove dependency on Perinci::Util::get_package_meta_accessor
           (removed in 0.35). Thereby also removing the $PERINCI_META_ACCESSOR
           feature (this variable in a package can point to another class which
           tells people how to get the Rinci metadata for said package). This
           feature is not that useful: we still need to load the module first.
           There are cases where we might want to lookup metadata (or even map
           Riap request uri -> Perl package) from the database without loading
           .pm files. Thus we will rework this class to allow that.

0.39     2012-11-02  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - 'list' action didn't work (fails to list subpackages) when requested
           module does not exist.

0.38     2012-11-02  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Add option: use_wrapped_sub (to make it possible to use call original
           sub instead of wrapped version). Can also be set using
           _perinci.access.inprocess.use_wrapped_sub in metadata. Currently I
           don't have a need for this yet.

0.37     2012-10-31  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Add option: cache_size (to make it possible to disable caching).
           Currently used for testing/benchmarking overhead.

         - Update to Perinci::Sub::Wrapper 0.33.

0.36     2012-10-24  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Pass -progress special argument containing Progress::Any object to
           functions which set 'progress' feature to true.

0.35     2012-08-29  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Pass -dry_run => 1 to tx function in dry run mode, so the function
           can detect dry run mode (and, say, display messages).

0.34     2012-08-29  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Support '-tx_action_id' to tx function in dry run mode (Rinci

0.33     2012-08-29  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Support 'dry_run' in call action (Riap 1.1.19).

0.32     2012-08-28  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Pass confirmation for actions 'undo' and 'redo' too (actually those
           are the important ones).

0.31     2012-08-28  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Implement confirmation (Rinci 1.1.27). Pass Riap request key
           'confirm' => 1 to pass '-confirm' to function (via TM).

0.30     2012-08-22  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Adjust to Rinci 1.1.25. No longer check transaction support of
           functions (we'll just let TM do that). No longer provide
           -undo_trash_dir to function to simplify things.

0.29     2012-08-16  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Adjust to Rinci 1.1.23 and Perinci::Tx::Manager 0.22. No longer list
           Perinci::Tx::Manager as dependency. Move transaction tests to
           Perinci-Tx-Manager distribution.

0.28     2012-08-10  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - First release, split to make Perinci dist empty (that dist was a
           growing mixed bag and caused headache in dependencies).