Revision history for Parse::IRCLog

1.106     2014-03-20 18:20:52-04:00 America/New_York
          add dircproxy subclass (thanks, Richard Lewis)

1.105     2013-10-15 21:39:25 America/New_York
          update repo and bugtracker URLs

1.104     2010-07-10
          all changes by Jean-Baptiste Mazon:

          fix parsing of action messages containing normal messages

          fix parsing of voiced participants

1.103     2009-08-10
          patch from Jean-Baptiste Mazon to allow more legal nicks and chans

1.102     2008-04-09
          packaging fixes

1.101     2006-11-13
          started a new changelog; previous one was rubbish; ARGH!
          avoid global fh