0.08     2016-12-06

- This distribution has been renamed to Params::ValidationCompiler, so use
  that instead. This release of Params::CheckCompiler now dies when its loaded
  to tell you that.

0.07     2016-06-18

- Make the compiled sub for checking named params die if given a single object
  as an argument, even if the object is implemented using a hashref. However,
  if the object overloads hash dereferencing then the overloading is
  used. Reported by Mark Fowler. GitHub #3.

- Renamed compile() to validation_for(). The latter is not a very specific
  name. Requested by Mark Fowler. GitHub #1.

0.06     2016-06-18

- Require Type::Tiny for tests. Reported by Slave Rezic. RT #115413.

- Fix tests when Moose is installed but Devel::PartialDump is not. Reported by
  Slave Rezic. RT #115413.

0.05     2016-06-18

- Removed all remaining uses of Moo.

0.04     2016-06-17

- Removed more modules from test prereqs that are only used in optional tests.

- Replace Throwable with Exception::Class.

0.03     2016-06-17

- Remove Moose from test prereqs. This is only used for an optional test.

- When generating the source for named params checking, sort the parameters so
  that the order in which keys are checked is consistent.

- You can now pass a name parameter when creating a check subroutine. This
  will be used to name the generated subroutine using Sub::Name.

0.02     2016-05-28

- Add support for positional parameters.

- Add support for type checking extra parameters.

- Renamed allow_extra to slurpy.

0.01     2016-05-24

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.