Revision history for Perl module PAUSE::Users

0.07 2014-04-29
    - Updated to work with MooX::Role::CachedURL 0.04 which split the
      'path' attribute into 'cache_path' and 'path'.
    - Fixed a bug in ReleaseIterator, which meant that you wouldn't
      have been able to run two iterators side by side
      (which wasn't a very likely use case, admittedly).

0.06 2014-03-30
    - Now use MooX::Role::CachedURL to grab/cache 00whois.xml

0.05 2014-03-17
    - Switched to using MooX::Role::CachedURL to handle the caching of
    - Added a live test, which is skipped if you appear to be offline.
    - Added CPAN::Source to SEE ALSO
    - Stopped using MungeFile::WithData to set $DISTNAME in --
      it was a pain when testing during development.

0.04 2014-02-27
    - Added CPAN::Index::API::File::Whois and CPAN::Search::Author
      to SEE ALSO.
    - Added a note about the mailing lists included in 00whois.xml,
      and that they're ignored by PAUSE::Users

0.03 2013-12-11
    - Added =encoding to pod, since I have UTF-8 in the pod
    - Correction in the doc for has_cpandir following a chat with ANDK.

0.02 2013-11-19

    - has_cpandir now defaults to 0, as the <has_cpandir> element
      is only present if it's set to 1.
    - Now we skip entries with type=list, as they're not users they're
      mailing lists. Dropped the 'type' field from PAUSE::Users::User,
      since we're only dealing with one type.
    - Added a bunch more documentation.
    - Added Changes file

0.01 2013-11-17

    - First version released to CPAN