Revision history for perl distribution Object-Signature-Portable:

v1.0.0    2020-12-11 14:10:46+00:00 Europe/London
  - Updated notes about encodings and numification.

  - Updated copyright year.

  - Adjusted POD markup.

  - Update .gitignore rules.

v0.2.0    2019-02-17 19:14:41+00:00 Europe/London
  - Adapted to use Dist::Zilla/Pod::Weaver.

  - Removed use of Module::Install.

v0.1.6  2014-09-14
  - Added more details about alternative encoders.

  - Added design considerations for choosing JSON as a default

  - Added a note to the POD that this is for fingerprinting an object,
    and not for public-key signatures. (Thanks to the easily confused
    and pedantic anonymous commenter.)

  [Other Changes]
  - Explicit minimum Perl version in module code.

v0.1.5  2014-09-03
  - Tests require Test::Differences, since some CPAN::Testers
    environments seem to be installing Test::Most without it.

  - Test::Warnings is only used for author tests.

  [Other Changes]
  - Fixed MANIFEST.SKIP rules.

v0.1.4  2014-09-02
  - Added note about alternative encoders.

v0.1.3  2014-08-16
  - Fixed typos in Changes.

  [Other Changes]
  - Fixed license in Makefile.PL to make CPANTS happy.

v0.1.2  2014-06-04
  - Fixed typos in POD.

  - Added requirements to README.

  [Other Changes]
  - Added QA tests to the git repo.

v0.1.1  2014-03-11
  - Added subsections to the LIMITATIONS section about Portability and
    Security, and moved a note about the hash algorithm to the latter.

  - Removed details from README.

  [Other Changes]
  - Removed unnecessary dependency from Makefile.PL.

v0.1.0  2013-12-04

  - First release.