Revision history for Perl extension Net-PhotoBackup-Server

0.11 2015-10-05T19:42:53Z

    - Fix cpanfile's missing semicolons - thanks !

0.10 2015-10-04T20:45:00Z

    - Minor. Convert to use Plack::Test for testing rather than running up a
      daemon and making real HTTP requests. There were multiple failures on for
      OSX and some Linux/BSD architectures.
      Using Plack::Test avoids any issues around forking and daemonising on
      architectures which I can't easily test.

0.09 2015-09-28T04:05:38Z

    - Minor. Blind attempt to fix new testing failures reported by for Darwin.
      See for an example.
      - Use, rather than for testing HTTP.
      - Wait for 2 seconds for server to start.
      - Dump diagnostics for failing tests.
0.08 2015-09-26T08:05:46Z

    - Minor. Add autodie as a testing dependency. As reported by CPAN testers.

0.07 2015-09-21T20:34:32Z

    - Switch github repo from
      to as the module is now part
      of that organisation.

    - Use Pod::Markdown::Passthrough to allow us to edit manually
      independently of the module POD.

0.06 2015-09-05T00:40:49Z

    - Fix version number.

0.05 2015-09-04T23:58:02Z

    - Server now expects POST-ed password to be encoded.

0.04 2015-09-04T23:48:09Z

    - Replaced SHA256 with SHA512 as per PhotoBucket spec.

0.03 2015-09-03T11:21:58Z

    - Renamed scripts/ dir to script/ to get Module::Build::Tiny recognising it.

0.02 2015-09-03T10:31:58Z

    - No code changes, just poking about to get minil uploading to CPAN.

0.01 2015-09-03T10:12:45Z

    - Basic working version with minimal checking.
    - TODO: Support for init.d scripts to keep it running.