Revision history for Net-LDAP-Class

0.27 01 July 2016
 - use Net::LDAP::SID (with fixed AD SID manipulation)

0.26 22 Feb 2011
 - patch from per RT#65658 that fixes bug with
   multiple add_user/remove_user calls on a AD group object.

0.25 17 Feb 2010
 - rewrite of internal _sid2string() and _string2sid() pack/unpack magic.
   Many thanks to David Lowe for the help.

0.24 29 Nov 2009
 - flag some AD tests as TODO until the pack/unpack issue with SIDs can be
   ironed out. It only seems to affect Net::LDAP::Server::Test, not actual
   AD servers.

0.23 24 Nov 2009
 - add explicit unbind() calls in tests per RT #52037

0.22 14 Sep 2009
 - add pswd_will_expire_localtime to User::AD
 - remove init_user_class and init_group_class overrides in subclasses,  to
   prevent masking the fact that you must create your own subclass.

0.21 26 Aug 2009
 - change fetch_secondary_users() in both Group::AD and Group::POSIX to
   just wrap around secondary_users_iterator().

0.20 26 Aug 2009
 - add Iterator, SimpleIterator and MultiIterator classes and supporting
   methods. Thanks to Peter Newman for dialogue on the development of the
   iterator feature. See
 - fix overloading for boolean checks when stringify() evaluates false
   (emptry string, e.g.)

0.19 10 Aug 2009
 - tweek N::L::C::G::AD per
 - add isa_user() and isa_group() methods to base class per same RT ticket.

0.18_03 27 Jan 2009
 - add more debugging to trace the 'no such group in AD server: 101 at
   t/002-ad.t line 99' failure.
 - add act_on_all() utility method

0.18_02 26 Jan 2009
 - add POD that some versions of Pod::Coverage seem to need.

0.18_01 23 Jan 2009
 - turn on some debugging to pinpoint cpan test failures

0.18 5 Mar 2009
 - refactor random SHA1 seed generation to speed it up.
 - add save() method
 - add ldap option to act_on_all() to allow calling as class method.
 - group->name a setter as well as getter
 - default User::AD DN now based on username plus human name, to help
   enforce uniqueness. This allows for the same human to have multiple
   accounts in the same OU.

0.17 16 Jan 2009
 - add Loader tests
 - fix bug when setting name and email for both AD and POSIX. Bug was
   equivalent to ||= instead of //= since an empty string is different than
   undef. Allows for setting the value to an empty string.
 - new method has_local_changes()

0.16 22 Nov 2008
 - fix overload for Test::More 0.86

0.15 6 Nov 2008
 - escape () in DN value in Group::AD since user DN might have () marks in
   it (though this is *bad* practice)

0.14 3 Nov 2008
 - fix bug with create action in both User subclasses where some attrs were
   not being respected

0.13 16 Oct 2008
 - add has_user() convenience method in base Group class
 - fix bug in AD::User where secondary groups were not being saved on
 - explicitly pass base_dn in AD::Group fetch_*_users()

0.12 15 Oct 2008
 - refactor action_for_create in POSIX and AD user classes to also set
   non-default attributes that might have been set prior to calling

0.11 13 Oct 2008
 - fix User::AD so that password can be set in single action.
 - fix User::AD so that add_to_group() can be called before initial
 - only set groups in User::AD create if there are any, since AD will croak
   if memberOf is set to empty array.

0.10 26 Sept 2008
 - tweek list of possible_chars in random_string generation

0.09 21 Aug 2008
 - change from meta() to metadata() at mst's request. Should help with
   Moose compatability.
 - added validate() method

0.08 12 Aug 2008
 - check return result from Net::LDAP search() in find() and croak on
 - fix bug with action_for_delete() in ::Group::POSIX that manifested when
   trying to rename a group. New feature is 'skip_check' to skip the sanity
   check for whether a group still has users.

0.07 31 July 2008
 - refer everywhere internally in ::User::AD to ->gid instead of
   primaryGroupID() so that the attribute can be disabled in subclasses.
 - use ->attributes instead of ->meta->attributes everywhere internally
 - if fetch_* methods return undef from find() then return empty array(ref)
 - force random_string() to be a little more random
 - refactor ::User::AD objectSID code into its own functions

0.06 23 July 2008
 - simplify encoding/decoding of AD password (no Encode required)

0.05 22 July 2008
 - switch logic for AD User/Group to use Group->member as primary setting.
 - add a bunch of AD User attributes
 - get AD password set working
 - new object_or_meta_class() method type; switch attributes(), base_dn()
   and unique_attribues() in base Class to use it instead of defaulting to
   meta->$name. This means you can override any of  those values
   per-object, but they default to those set in the object class meta

0.04 21 July 2008
 - explicitly ask for meta->attributes whenever we search
 - add add_to_batch() and prev_batch() methods and refactor how rollback()
 - fix bug, renaming unique_keys to unique_attributes in a few leftover
 - add Active Directory classes for User and Group

0.03 11 July 2008 
 - replace Scalar::Util::Clone with Clone (5.10 issue?)

0.02 10 July 2008
 - fix Makefile.PL to include Net::LDAP::Batch dependency.

0.01 10 July 2008
 - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.