Revision history for Net-Google-PicasaWeb

0.12      2013-09-14 16:55:24 America/Chicago

    * Fixed failing tests. (HT: shroeer)
    * Added support for the timestamp attribute (HT: shroeer)
    * Eliminate some Moose whineyness (HT: shroeer)

0.11      2011-05-30 09:35:19 America/Chicago

    * Album loading sometimes failed because certain Moose attributes were set
      to be required when they shouldn't have been. (HT: Riccardo Mativi)
    * Migrating it to use my regulate Dist::Zilla setup (mostly)
    * Reorganized the project layout a little bit
    * Cleaned up the code a bit
    * Added calls to make_immutable to all classes, which should spead things up
    * Added some more attributes to control some of the previously hardcoded
      bits (like Google's URL and which namespaces to map in the API).
    * Added the xml_text() method to the base class to give "official" access to
      the internals of certain elements passed back by Google, but haven't been
      mapped to an attribute yet..

0.10    August 28, 2010

    * Updating to use the latest Dist::Zilla 4
    * Correcting the code to handle thumbsize as described in the documentation.
      (HT: Daniel Schröer)

0.09    January 31, 2010

    * Dropped the requirement for Test::Mock::LWP
    * Added a requirement for Test::Able
    * Added a requirement for Test::Able::Runner
    * Major change to the testing framework to make it easier to work with
    * DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Added online tests to check certain aspects of
      the API against a live PicasaWeb account. Set
      username/password to run these tests.  This will login to the given
      account and list some albums and photos.
    * Added the size attribute to Net::Google::PicasaWeb::Media to get the file
      size of the photo from the API, when presented.
    * Expanded POD to note base class inheritance and more attributes inherited
      from base classes to make it easier to browser without having to navigate
      multiple manual pages. (Thanks Terrence Brannon)
    * Added geo-coding support to Net::Google::PicasaWeb::Album and
      Net::Google::PicasaWeb::Photo. This adds latitude and longitude attributes
      to these objects, when available. (Thanks Benjamin Thomas)

0.08    January 20, 2010

    * Correct a missing requirement for Test::Mock::LWP (Thanks CPAN Testers
      and Terrence Brannon)
    * Added the "featured" option to list_media_entries().
    * Added the --featured option to the picasaweb-list script.

0.07    January 17, 2010

    * Adding height, width, and size to media entries (Thanks Benjamin Thomas)
    * Adding height and width to media objects (Thanks Benjamin Thomas)
    * Adding bytes_used and number_of_photos to albums
    * Added the --long option to picasa-list
    * Added the --human option to picasa-list
    * Switched to Dist::Zilla for handling distribution

0.06    November 23, 2009

    * Corrected "weaken" typo in Moose declarations with weak_ref (thanks zoul)

0.05    December 21, 2008

    * Added MooseX::Role::Matcher to all item classes
    * Added the --album-id option to the picasa-list script
    * Added the --find option to the picasa-list script
    * Added the --find-album option to the picasa-get script
    * Added the --find-photo option to the picasa-get script

0.04    December 14, 2008

    * Forgot to add picasa and picasa-list as installed scripts

0.03    December 14, 2008

    * Nudging the required Pod::Coverage version to 0.19
    * Adding the requirement for IO::Prompt
    * Adding the missing import of Pod::Usage to picasa-get
    * Adding a new picasa master command
    * Adding a new picasa-list command
    * Changed the --userid option to --user-id on picasa-get
    * picasa-list and picasa-get will prompt for a password if --username is
      used, but --password is not
    * Adding get_album, get_media_entry, and get_comment to
    * Fixed a bug where objects can fail to load when the media:group tag is not
    * [RT #39976] Fixing a bug where list_tags() and other methods fail to work
      because gphoto:user is not given with the parent entry 
      (thanks Nik Clayton)

0.02    September 16, 2008

    * Added the --update option to picasa-get
    * picasa-get will resume after skipping files
    * XML::Twig 3.30 or greater is required for the field() method (thanks to
    * Added missing requirement for Moose

0.01    September 14, 2008

    * Initial implementation of the Google Picasa Web API
    * Includes support for listing albums, photos, tags, and comments