Revision history for Net-Checkpoint-Management-v1: 0.001007

0.001007  2020-09-14 12:30:08+02:00 Europe/Vienna
    - add install_policy method
    - add verify_policy method
    - add wait_for_task method

0.001006  2020-07-21 10:19:37+02:00 Europe/Vienna
    - add group methods

0.001005  2020-04-23 19:39:32+02:00 Europe/Vienna
    - improve exceptions for responses which contain the error message in a
      key named 'errors' or 'warnings' in addition to 'blocking-errors'
    - add task methods
    - fix api.t failures because of existing DNS objects

0.001004  2020-01-22 14:30:27+01:00 Europe/Vienna
    - fix error handling of responses which contain the error message in a key
      named 'message' instead of 'errors'
    - use 'blocking-errors' instead of 'errors' from responses for exceptions
    - fix Data::Dumper::Concise usage without declaring it as a dependency
    - fix update with multiple id parameters
      uid will be preferred over name and rule-number
    - add access_roles methods

0.001003  2019-07-09 15:48:51+02:00 Europe/Vienna
    - fix get methods required an unnecessary id
      has to be specified as uid in the parameters for most objects
    - add service_groups and session methods

0.001002  2019-04-23 11:06:31+02:00 Europe/Vienna
    - fix Role::ObjectMethods abstract and list_$object documentation
    - fix skipping of api.t when environment variables aren't set
    - fix stale http status code output in api_versions
    - fix delete methods
    - use Carp::Clan for better error reporting
    - improve error reporting by falling back to the message if no error message
      is returned
    - add discard method
    - discard changes in api.t
      to not cause locks on the management server used for testing
    - add test for update_accessrule

0.001001  2019-04-12 13:44:14+02:00 Europe/Vienna
    - Initial release using the JSON API version 1