0.003     2014-08-04 19:27:46+01:00 Europe/London
	New features:
	* Most of the public API methods now use Futures to indicate completion
	* SRV lookup - needs DNS although an optional constant allows getnameinfo
	lookups (these return servers that can't be contacted for gtalk, and do
	not account for priority/weighting)

	Bug fixes:
	* Don't include <show> element in initial presence notification.

	* Initial documentation for some of the more useful public methods, thanks
	to frew

0.002     2011-02-06 00:50:52 Europe/London
	Fix broken dependencies from initial release (as reported by ANDK - thanks!).

0.001     2011-02-01 05:10:00 Europe/London
	Initial release to CPAN, linked to Protocol-XMPP-0.001.