0.007     2011-10-30 04:53:16 Europe/London
	Just try to load and use Test::postgresql if we have it, and skip tests if it fails for
	any reason - seems to be no guarantee that it will succeed in starting the PostgreSQL
	server instance even if it is installed and passed all the tests.

	No functional changes here (should perhaps just be a development release).

0.006     2011-10-28 04:19:11 Europe/London
	Set up local PostgreSQL instance via Test::postgresql so we can run proper tests against
	a server rather than just checking method handling basics. Big thanks to Kazuho Oku for
	providing the Test::postgresql module, and Matt Trout for directing me to it.

	No functional changes here.

0.005     2011-07-16 22:43:10 Europe/London
	Support new event handling brought in by Protocol::PostgreSQL 0.008
	Moved Protocol::PostgreSQL::Client into an attribute rather than an ancestor
	of our class, so we now proxy most of the methods through including

0.004     2011-06-11 17:44:06 Europe/London
	Pass through service parameter so that we can connect to ports other than the default 5432.
	Provide a ->terminate method for clean shutdown.

0.003     2011-02-26 19:01:57 Europe/London
	Update synopsis to use ->configure and increase minimum version requirement.

0.002     2011-02-22 20:49:19 Europe/London
	Fix a nasty packet-boundary bug and chuck in a synopsis.

0.001     2011-02-12 12:44:52 Europe/London
	Preliminary release to CPAN. Only supports the basic query interface and no type handling
	yet, but allows basic queries and connection via plaintext or MD5.