Revision history for MooX-Attributes-Shadow

0.05      2018-11-08 14:25:54-05:00 America/New_York

  * no changes. upgrade to stable.

0.04      2018-11-08 14:25:54-05:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)


    * switch to Dist::Zilla
    * switch to Module::Build::Tiny
    * clean up namespaces

0.03	2013-05-09T23:06:54-04:00


    * new role method, new_from_attr, allows easier construction of
      contained object

    * shadowed attribute names are now more easily renamed by passing
      a hash of attribute name pairs to shadow_attrs

    * more comprehensible docs.

0.02	2012-12-26T15:16:23-05:00


    * be more clever about getting has() sub from container class

0.01_06  2012-12-17T11:55:59-05:00

    * Add missing test dependency on Test::Deep. Fixes RT#81957

0.01_05   2012-12-05T09:47:58-05:00

    * API change to xtract_attrs and shadowed_attrs

    * passing container class to shadowed_attrs is now optional if
      it is called from that class.

    * after the first call to shadowable_attrs(), it will return the
      attributes which may be shadowed.

    * new routine shadowed_attrs(), returns the attributes actually
      shadowed in a container.  can be used to easily delegate
      attributes to the contained class.

0.01	2012-11-16T16:41:06-05:00

    * initial release to an unsuspecting world