Revision history for Module-ThirdParty

0.27    2010.06.19 (SAPER)
        [DATA] RT#58412: Updated information for Win32::Daemon.
        [DATA] RT#58413: Added information for Circos.
        [DOC] Some documentation fixes and improvments.

0.26    2008.01.04
        [DATA] Removed information for HTML::Sanitizer, Net::TCLink, P4, V
        as these modules are now available on the CPAN.
        [API] Added function all_modules().
        [TESTS] Added t/11index.t to check that modules listed by M::TP 
        are not on the CPAN.

0.25    2007.09.29
        [DATA] Added information for Proton-CE.

0.24    2007.09.14
        [DATA] Added information for X-Chat Perl API, contributed by David
        Rigaudiere. Added Information for Fuzzled and Opus10, contributed 
        by Sofian Brabez. Removed information for Asterisk Perl modules, 
        as they're now available on the CPAN.

0.23    2007.08.17
        [DATA] Added information for OpenBSD modules, 
        Added information for modules pointed by David Rigaudiere: 
        PatrolPerl, W2RK::WMI, Win32::Lanman, Win32::Setupsup.

0.22    2007.07.26
        [DATA] Added information for ActivePerl specific modules.
        [API] provides() can now be exported on demand.

0.21    2007.07.22
        [DOC] Had forgotten to include the list of known third-party software.

0.20    2007.07.22
        [DATA] Fixed URLs for LibWhisker 1 and 2, MIM, Paradata OpenConnect, 
        VMware Perl API, Zeus Web Server Perl Extensions.
        [DATA] Added information for CSS::Cleaner, Devel::Gladiator, 
        HTML::Sanitizer, DCOP-Perl, SlimServer.

0.19    2007.01.25
        [DATA] Removed Text::ChaSen as it is now available on the CPAN.
        Added information for OwPerlProvider.

0.18    2006.10.16
        [DATA] Added information for BackupPC.
        [DIST] Added examples in eg/.

0.17    2006.09.25
        [DATA] Added information for Abe Timmerman's V, Brian Ingerson's XXX, 
        Nicolas Chuche's BB and Orabb. Fixed a typo in Zeus Web Server name. 

0.16    2006.05.12
        [DATA] RT#19200: Added information for Mail::SpamAssassin::AuthCourier.
        Thanks to David Landgren for the patch.
        [DATA] Updated URLs for some Tobi Oetiker's projects.

0.15    2006.04.20
        [DATA] Added information for Asterisk-Perl, Metasploit, Webmin, 
        SNMP_Session and updated SmokePing.
        [TESTS] Removed useless BEGIN from test scripts.

0.14    2005.12.30
        [DATA] Corrected information for VCP.
        [DATA] Added information for Gedafe, Gossips, NoCatAuth, OTRS, 
        Real Men Don't Click SmokePing, Template Tree II. 

0.13    2005.11.18
        [DATA] Corrected a few typos thanks to Test::Spelling.
        [DATA] Added information for Fotango Vx.

0.12    2005.08.14
        [DOC] Updated Changes.
        [TESTS] Modified 01api.t so that it passes under Perl 5.004

0.11    2005.08.02
        [DATA] Added information for PerlHP.
        [DOC] RT#13916 (Robert Rothenberg): typo in Changes file

0.10    2005.07.29
        [DATA] Removed information for Geo::IP as it is published on the CPAN.
        [DATA] Corrected a mistake.
        [DOC] Small documentation update.

0.09    2005.06.28
        [DATA] Added information for Sprog.
        [DATA] Removed information for ARSperl as it is in fact on the CPAN.
        [FEATURE] is3rdparty now lists software case insensitively.
        [DOC] Now includes the list of covered software.

0.08    2005.06.06
        [DATA] Added information for ARSperl.

0.07    2005.06.04
        [DATA] Added information for Zeus Web Server Perl Extensions.

0.06    2005.05.10
        [DATA] Added information for Perl::API, LibWhisker.

0.05    2005.04.23
        [FEATURE] Added the provides() functions, and the corresponding 
        option -l to the is3rdparty command.
        [DOC] Added references to BackPAN.

0.04    2005.04.20
        [DATA] Added information for Apple PerlObjCBridge, Movable Type, 
        Perforce, ClearSilver, Fidelia NetVigil, Directi Perl API, MIM, 
        CAIDA GeoPlot Perl API, ManageIT perl4patrol, Paradata OpenConnect, 
        Fathom Management Perl API, Gemplus cardreader.

0.03    2005.04.10
        [DATA] Added information for RT (Request Tracker).

0.02    2005.04.09
        [FEATURE] Added is3rdparty command.

0.01    2005.04.03
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.