Revision history for Perl module Module::Loader

0.04 2021-03-11 NEILB
    - Include META.json in the release
    - Switched to github issues rather than RT

0.03 2014-10-07 NEILB
    - I was using my pod extension M<...> (from Text::Markdown::PerlExtensions)
      instead of L<...>. Thanks to GRANTM and OALDERS for reporting this.
    - Made max_depth immutable, as suggested by LEONT++, and pull request from
      KENTNL++. You can pass it to the constructor, or as an option
      when calling find_modules().
    - Ensured all methods are documented, to get 100% pod coverage.

0.02 2014-10-06 NEILB
    - Added a search() method, for full compatibility with Mojo::Loader.

0.01 2014-10-05 NEILB
    - Plugin::Loader renamed to Module::Loader. Writing the doc and then
      starting a blog post about it make me realise that Module::Loader
      would be a much more appropriate name. Thanks to BRADH for giving
      me the Module::Loader name.
    - Tests were failing on win32. Needed to change
            use lib 't/lib';
      To a more OS-portable version. It was adding the directory ok, but
      the regexp to strip the head of the path wasn't working.