Revision history for Perl module Module::Extract::Namespaces

1.022 2021-01-20T09:52:22Z
	* freshen distro, dump Travis CI, add Appveyor, add Github Actions

1.021 2017-11-30T04:41:09Z
	* Removed the shim code for PPI's older than 1.125. Now you 
	have to have an updated PPI that understand the v5.12 package 

1.02 - 2014-01-03
	* Get rid of MYMETA

1.01 - 2013-05-07
	* Implement from_module so you can specify a namespace
	instead of a filename

0.14_02 - 2011-04-30
	* I forgot to add the lexer hint for ::Package for the
	monkey patch. That patch is only there until PPI updates
	for the patch.

0.14_01 - 2011-04-29
	* Handle the Perl 5.12 package NAME VERSION BLOCK syntax,
	even if you aren't using Perl 5.12. It's just PPI, so it's
	not actually running code.

0.14 - 2008-10-29
	* Adding an error() method so you can check what went wrong.
	That means no more carping and stomping all over your terminal
	or log file unless you want that.

0.13 - 2008-09-16
	* Adding bits to META.yml with MakeMaker's new META_MERGE feature
	* Moved everything to github, so the new source URL is, well, new

0.12 - 2008-08-09
	* This is still an early version of the module
	* This version takes more care to catch PPI problems

0.11_01 - 2008-08-08
	* Handle the PDOMs a bit more carefully in case things
	go terribly wrong

0.10_01 - 2008-04-03
	* This is the initial release while I'm at the Oslo QA Hackathon
	* Extract the package declarations in a file to see which namespaces
	are in it