Revision history for Perl extension Module::Build::JSAN.

0.05  2009-04-06T18:06:46
      - Fixed an issue with a meta character in the POD directory name not
        getting properly escaped in a Regular Expression. Reported by Burak
        G├╝rsoy (RT #24276).
      - Added a link to the GitHub repository.

0.04  2008-04-03T20:17:19
      - No changes, just uploading to CPAN again now that DWHEELER is listed
        as co-maintainer, so that will be able to install it.

0.03  2008-03-31T23:58:13
      - Updated for JSON 2.0, which is now required for generating META.json.

0.02  2006-09-05T18:24:47
      - Added all authors to META.yml.
      - Expanded the documentation a bit.
      - Fixed permissions issues with newer versions of Module::Build.
      - No longer adding META.yml or *.gz to cleanup during the dist action.

0.01  2005-09-08T05:09:22
      - Initial public release.