Changelog for MediaWiki-Bot

5.006003  2016-07-06
  - Changed the file the test suite used to test fetching images
  - Documentation tweaks

5.006002  2014-09-08
  - Re-release 5.006001 to fix a packaging error

5.006001  2014-09-08
  - Get github metadata from the MediaWiki-Bot organization's repo [gh-69]
  - Use Test::RequiresInternet to make sure we can reach the wikis we test against
  - Mark flaky tests as extended
  - Use HTTPS by default and warn if ever trying to log in over HTTP
  - Added pointers to API documentation in POD [gh-63]

5.006000  2014-09-01
  - Move subpages correctly when requested [GH#55 - labster]
  - Use new prop paramter in expandtemplates [GH#58, thanks fhocutt]
  - Warn if neither operator nor a UA string were given [gh-61]
  - Show a good example of customizing the UA string [gh-66]
  - Use symbolic constants instead of magic numbers, and add
    MediaWiki::Bot::Constants so developers can use them too [gh-59]
  - Support solving CAPTCHAs [gh-2]
  - Remove automatic editing of the bot operator's talk page [gh-68]
  - Use new method for getting tokens

5.005007  2013-11-27
  - Don't fail due to new Module::Pluggable warnings
  - Ensure t/48-get_image.t has JPEG support
  - Corrected documentation for get_image (GH#54, thanks sanxiago!)
  - Correct a precedence issue uncovered by new warnings in perl v5.19.4

5.005006  2013-04-07
  - Plan t/40-upload.t properly [GH#50]

5.005005  2013-03-29
  - Added upload_from_url function (GH#48; stemd)
  - Added two parameters to recentchanges functions (GH#48; stemd)
  - Added timed_count_contributions function (GH#48; stemd)

5.005004  2012-10-27
  - More robust error-checking in some cases (GH#45, James DuPont)

5.005003  2012-09-14
  - Be more liberal with matching whitespace in the diff test
  - Correctly handle namespace #0 (GH#43, thanks Seth!)
  - Improved error handling for uploads (GH#33)
  - Fix an uninitialized warning in get_log (GH#42)

3.005002  2012-05-08
  - Updated test suite for on-wiki changes

3.005001  2012-04-08
  - Fixed erroneous documentation on the edit method
  - Fixed edit failures due to changes in HTTP::Message 6.03 (GH#39)

3.005000  2012-03-03
  - Expandtemplates will now behave correctly when the page title is omitted
  - Better detection of login failure

3.004003  2012-01-14
  - Edits may be marked as major once again
  - Don't use an invalid undefined assertion by default
  - Fix tests for logging in (now requires credentials provided in
    PWPUsername and PWPPassword environment variables)
  - Fix page diff test
  - Fix the expandtemplates test
  - Fix the page history test
  - Make fetching a patrol token fail-fast. If the account cannot get a patrol
    token, instead of attempting to patrol (and getting a badtoken error), return
    false and set $bot->{error} with a handcrafted error.
  - Fix test for emailing
  - Fix test for uploading (optional test requirements: GD, Data::Random)

v3.4.2    2011-08-26
  - Silence spurious warnings in the test suite
  - Use HTTP GET so some requests are cacheable (Thanks to Jools Wills)
  - Add support for file uploads via API (Thanks to Jools Wills)
  - Patrolling edits now fetches the patrol token manually, and should work
  - Add support for querying a user's usergroups, and infrastructure to support changing
    usergroups with the Admin plugin
  - get_pages now handles namespace aliases dynamically, and should work on all wikis

3.4.0     2011-06-19
  - Packaging updates & changes from last 2 alphas

3.3.1_2   2011-06-04
  - set_highlimits, which had no effect and was deprecated, has been removed.
  - Deprecated aliases for MediaWiki::Bot were removed.
  - global_image_usage() now supports queries of

3.3.1_1   2011-05-08
  - Dependencies for HTTPS fixed
  - Old, unnecessary dependencies removed
  - Calling test_image_exists() with an arrayref of images now returns results
    in the correct order.

3.3.1     2011-04-23
  - Deprecation warnings now respect whether deprecation warnings are turned on

3.3.0 2011-04-22
  - NOTE: PWP and perlwikipedia are officially deprecated, and *will* be removed in a future release
  - Added deprecation warnings to PWP/perlwikipedia aliases, as well as methods/call styles retained
    only for backwards compatibility, and which might be removed in future releases.
  - General cleanup of documentation
  - get_pages_in_namespace() can now properly retrieve all results
  - recent_edit_to_page() now returns what it was documented to return (both timestamp and username)
  - Require a more recent version of MediaWiki::API
  - Resolve permissions error in contributions()
  - Make contributions() return data as documented

3.2.7 2011-01-24
  - get_allusers() can now filter by usergroup, and accepts an options hashref for greater versatility.
  - Test suite now uses
  - Don't wait forever if the wiki doesn't respond

3.2.6 2010-10-28
  - recentchanges() now filters by namespace and returns all available data, including
    rcid; see Pod for details.
  - get_pages_in_category() now requests the maximum number of results; this resolves a
    major performance issue when getting the contents of large categories.
  - The same performance issue (or potential issue) was resolved in many other methods.

3.2.4 2010-09-06
  - Removed dependency on WWW::Mechanize
  - revert() was broken by refactoring; this error has been fixed

3.2.0 2010-08-17
  - BREAKING CHANGE: The constructor now returns false when auto-login fails
  - Some cached data is now invalidated when set_wiki() is called
  - Setting a useragent now works
  - is_g_blocked() checks if an IP/range is currently blocked, as well as what the address is
  - was_g_blocked() checks if an IP/range was ever globally blocked
  - "Loaded Plugin X" messages were removed
  - INSTALL has slightly better instructions
  - is_protected() checks whether a page is protected or not
  - It is now possible to get all results from get_pages_in_category() by setting max to zero in the options hashref
  - get_all_pages_in_category() now has protection against infinite recursion due to category loops
  - get_pages() now actually accepts an arrayref of pages, as documented.
  - get_(all_)pages_in_category now have consistent input parsing
  - misc/ was removed
  - Handling of null path to api.php was fixed
  - Useragent format now follows the RFC
  - Performance of login() was improved by about 30%
  - Calls to list-based methods which use a callback hook now return true for error-checking.
    Calls which don't use a callback are unchanged.
  - links_to_image() was renamed to image_usage() and now uses the API and has new features.
    The old name is retained for backward compatibility.
  - login() can now do SUL; see POD for details
  - test_image_exists() sometimes returned undef when it shouldn't have; this was fixed.
  - The test suite was made more robust
  - SUL on is useless, and is now disabled
  - test_image_exists() now accepts an arrayref of images
  - Two levels of debug output are now available. 1 is failure notification; 2 is internal operations.
  - top_edits() and contributions() offer two ways to get user contributions. See Pod for details.
  - Support for LDAP login was added thanks to a patch by philippe.cade
  - Protocol, host, and path are now retained when a call to set_wiki() doesn't specify one of them.

3.1.0 2010-06-05
  - BREAKING CHANGE: update_rc() now accepts a hashref of options, and the hash structure
    returned is changed. See POD for details.
  - get_pages_in_category() and get_all_pages_in_category() now work properly for non-English wikis (issue 42).
  - Moving pages is now supported (issue 43).
  - diff() now supports basic diffing.
  - prefixindex() now supports listing pages with a common prefix
  - edit() can now do section editing.
  - Another alias was added: perlwikipedia
  - Searching is now supported by search()
  - Methods like linksearch(), get_pages_in_category(), and list_transcludes() now perform
    only one query by default. Pass max => 5 (or whatever) to do more queries. Note that this
    controls the number of queries, not the number of results fetched per query. See POD for details.
  - get_log() was added to support the basics of searching the log.
  - Support for basic auth was added (issue 68).
  - Support for GlobalBlocking queries was added.

3.0.0 2010-05-30
  - BREAKING CHANGE: get_text() now returns the page's wikitext. Blank pages return "";
    nonexistent pages return undef. These both evaluate to false; you can differentiate
    between them with defined(). get_id() now returns undef instead of 2 when there is
    no pageid (page is nonexistent or title is invalid).
  - BREAKING CHANGE: All subs return undef when they encounter an error that is passed
    off to _handle_api_error(). Error details are still available in $bot->{'error'}.
  - BREAKING CHANGE: linksearch() now uses keys 'url' and 'title' like the API does. This
    is to avoid confusion when using a callback hook, which is now exposed to callers.
    linksearch() now uses the API.
  - BREAKING CHANGE: login()'s return values are reversed, and properly documented.
    Returns true for success; false for failure:
        $bot->login($user, $pass) or die "Login failed\n"; # This is in accord with Perl standards
  - BREAKING CHANGE: what_links_here() no longer handles transclusions. To get
    transclusions, use list_transclusions(). Also, key names are now 'title' and 'redirect'
    (defined when the page is a redirect; undefined otherwise).
  - Codebase underwent spring cleaning.
  - Default useragent now includes the version number.
  - Functionality which still uses index.php no longer fails on non-English wikis. Patch by piotr.kubowicz.
  - Crypt::SSLeay is now correctly listed as a prerequisite,
  - is_blocked() replaces test_blocked(), and now uses the API.
    test_blocked() remains for backwards compatibility
  - was_blocked() replaces test_block_hist(), and now uses the API.
    test_block_hist() remains for backwards compatibility.
  - $summary is now optional for undelete(); a generic reason will be used if ommitted.
    undelete() also uses API now.
  - edit() now uses an md5 hash to ensure data integrity.
  - set_highlimits() can now be used to *not* use highlimits.
  - revert() now uses the API.
  - get_last() now uses the API.
  - undo() now uses the API, and is documented accurately.
  - logout() was added.
  - purge_page() now uses the API and returns the number of pages successfully purged,
    which may be useful for the caller's error-checking.
  - New methods were added to query WMF's sitematrix, and convert between db name (enwikibooks)
    to the domain name ( db_to_domain() and domain_to_db().
  - Admin functions were moved into the plugin MediaWiki::Bot::Plugin::Admin,
    which is auto-loaded if present.
  - The constructor now does more for script authors. It sets the wiki, logs in, and does
    some autoconfiguration. See updated POD for details.
  - edit() now accepts a hashref of options. See updated POD for details.
  - expandtemplates() now uses the API.

2.3.0 2009-05-23
  - Get_pages now makes sense when following namespace aliases. The title you give
    is the title you get back. Aliases are not expanded. Patch by Stefan Petrea.
  - Unicode test will now take a bit longer but hopefully avoid any errors that shouldn't be there

2.2.3 2009-05-05
  - RELEASE-NOTES renamed to Changes
  - Test suite now outputs a message when there is an expected error to be printed to terminal
  - Some debugging code removed
  - Simplify Unicode tests, now only run editing tests if not blocked
  - More specific error detection in test 11 (get_pages_in_namespace)
  - More verbose error handling in all code
  - Add unblock capability

2.1.1 2009-02-24
  - Additions of sub unblock, some test changes
  - Error checking is about to be updated. If an error occurs, any subs will return -1*the
    integer error number. See the updated documentation in 2.2.0.

2.1.0 2009-02-03
  - Some more unicode changes
  - If unicode doesn't work, TELL ME

2.0.1 2009-01-26
  - Removed some redundant error messages

2.0.0 2008-12-30
  - I was going to make this 1.5.3, but then I realized I shouldn't hide something this
    big behind a sub-minor release. For reasons of having the module included in the
    module list on CPAN, making everything be a bit neater, and for all-around happiness,
    I've moved Perlwikipedia into the preexisting MediaWiki:: namespace. The module is
    now called MediaWiki::Bot.
  - You can also now use "PWP" instead of "MediaWiki::Bot" in your code. The distribution
    on CPAN and in the svn repo includes an alias.
  - Plugins are now loaded automatically if installed. This means you don't have to do as
    much arcane magic. The plugins will be listed under MediaWiki::Bot::Plugin:: in CPAN
    and are not currently in svn. If you have a task that you would like to make into a
    plugin and publish on CPAN, please get in touch with me at
  - Added the ImageTester plugin to CPAN. Purpose is to analyze and tag copyrighted images
    which do not follow en.wikipedia's policies
  - Added the CUP plugin to CPAN as a basic example of what a plugin does. This is used
    by the bot that will run the WikiCup stats, and these methods can be called just
    like any other methods in the main module

1.5.2 2008-12-27
  - Add support for 'plugins' which add additional features to MediaWiki::Bot.
    See MediaWiki::Bot::Plugin::ImageTester on CPAN for an example.
  - Loosened requirements for test_image_exists to determine that an image is on
    commons: the missing key is not always present.

1.5.1 2008-12-21
  - Fixed the bug where logins wouldn't transfer from API to wiki again, now part of test 01.
  - Added tests for AssertEdit, maxlag, get_allusers, get_pages
  - Added sub set_highlimits for api queries, since PWP can't tell if you're a bot
  - Sub test_image_exists can now tell if an image page exists but has no image. Also uses API.
  - Added defaults for protection, now uses API. In-house tests exist for protection and deletion.
  - Some variable normalizing in tests.
  - Added testing environment variables: PWPMakeTestSetWikiHost, PWPMakeTestSetWikiDir
  - Reenabled tests for get_namespace_names, get_pages_in_namespace
  - Some fixes for potential race conditions on database replication for tests,
    should not be necessary in real production code

1.5.0 2008-12-08
  - Added a sub get_pages(), which accepts a list of pages and gets each page's
    text in one go and returns a hash. Much faster than get_text() for more than one page.
  - Switched sub protect over to API, cascading works now
  - Add a few more tests

1.4.2 2008-12-07
  - Apparently I accidentally removed get_allusers? Fixed that.
  - Some CPAN testers have been reporting a failure to make the test edit in
    t/02_edit.t so I added a call to Data::Dumper.

1.4.1 2008-11-27
  - Remove my tsting code from sub login, now using an updated version of
    MediaWiki::API to handle cookies properly. MediaWiki::API 0.20 or higher now required.

1.4.0 2008-11-18
  - Fix a bug in get_allusers() by bosborne
  - Fix a bug which made some methods, such as delete_old_image, attempt to
    execute logged-out because the method used to transfer cookies from the API
    useragent, which does the logging in, to the MediaWiki::Bot useragent, which
    does the other stuff, was not functional. This bug only affected non-api
    methods and has been fixed through a nasty hack, which I hope can be made
    cleaner in the coming weeks.

1.3.8 2008-11-16
  - New method: get_allusers($limit) by bosborne
  - That bug I fixed in 1.3.7? I fixed it again. For real this time.
  - Using 'retries' instead of 'max retries' config variable for MediaWiki::API HTTP errors

1.3.7 2008-11-11
  - Minor bugfix in one of the tests.

1.3.6 2008-10-27
  - Added maxlag compatibility. (Thanks to the developers of MediaWiki::API for
    their implementation) The settings are as follows:
      - Maxlag parameter: Dafault 5 seconds, can be configured when creating the object
      - Delay: 1 second
      - Retries: Until success
  - Make test 98 fail gracefully on platforms without the test suite
  - Fix some really weird spacing in the Makefile.PL
  - The other maxlag options, along with lots of other defaults, will probably
    be modifiable in 1.4 with a sort of config sub. This will allow the custom
    configuration of options for WWW::Mechanize and MediaWiki::API, so you don't
    need to go sourcediving or remember the order for the parameters to the constructor.
  - Since is down, tests 1, 8, 10, 11

1.3.5 2008-10-04
  - Allowing cascade protection now. This may or may not work, since there
    are some changes being made to the protection API.
  - Anonymous editing should work. If you still can not use this framework
    to edit, I need to be contacted. To this end, I've enabled an editing test,
    hopefully cpan-testers sends me good results :)
  - Fix a stupid mistake I made regarding the names of certain parameters to get_history

1.3.4 2008-09-11
  - Some triage after the first CPAN test results came in:
  - Appearantly, get_pages_in_category was running test file 08, test 2, very
    slowly because I was loading a 1000+ page category in sets of 10 pages at a time.
    This has been remedied, the limit is now 500.
  - Cannot reproduce a bug in get_namespace_names and another in count_contributions -
    so instead, if we get weird results, we run the sub again.
  - There is a bug in get_history which was causing weird errors on some test machines.
    I've switched it to use MediaWiki::API.

1.3.3 2008-09-10
  - get_pages_in_category now uses the API
  - Test 8 has been modified to test nested categories
  - Test 7 is now faster, but still effective
  - Bug checking added on edit for anon edit bug
  - Bots now use the bot flag when editing, as was done before switching to API editing
  - Regarding anonymous editing: MediaWiki bug 15420 has been marked as FIXED
    by Roan Kattouw. Waiting for that to be scapped so I can test it and enable the editing tests.
  - Before I updated get_pages_in_category, it seemed to have some encoding errors:
    returning escape sequences where it shouldn't. I'll be looking into its status on that front.

1.3.2 2008-08-30
  - Now logging in via API if password is supplied
  - Fixed an encoding issue in page saving
  - Anonymous editing is currently broken. This is an upstream issue which I am working to resolve

1.3.1 2008-08-28
  - Maintenance: update manifest, readme
  - More MediaWiki::API: blocking, deleting, get_text
  - Add localization for MediaWiki::API. This is important...
  - Update tests to test for loading of sections of pages
  - AssertEdit assertaions can now be passed as 'bot' OR as '&assert=bot'
  - MediaWiki::API didn't localise with set_wiki()
  - Unicode issues with MediaWiki::API editing fixed
  - Fix one warning in edit() - undefined value in string eq near line 252

1.3 2008-08-27
  - Convert over to use MediaWiki::API

1.01 2007
  - Standardized all functions to return 1 and set $object->{errstr} in the event of an error
  - get_history and other _get_api-based functions will now properly escape utf8 characters in the query
  - Fixed memory leak issues with WWW::Mechanize

0.1  2007-08-25
  - original version