0.300003 2018-07-10


- Fixed compilation errors. GitHub #96.

0.300002 2018-06-06


- You can now freeze a tree where the data section size in memory is more than
  2,147,479,552 bytes. GitHub #94.

0.300001 2018-03-08

- This package now builds on Windows. Pull request by Ilya Melamed. GitHub

0.300000 2017-11-10

- The remove_reserved_networks option now sets up the tree in such a way that
  these networks may not be added. Previously these networks could be added and
  were removed when writing out the tree. This change means these networks are
  excluded when working with the tree prior to writing it out, such as when
  iterating the in-memory tree.

0.202000 2016-12-19

- The data insertion code was significantly refactored in order to improve
  performance on inserts that result in record merges.

0.201004 2016-12-07


- In an IPv6 tree with aliasing enabled, the IPv4 root node is now fixed,
  meaning that it cannot be merged away or replaced. Previously, it was
  possible for this node to be freed, causing aliases to be invalid.

0.201003 2016-11-30


- The previous release included many unneeded modules in the configure phase

0.201002 2016-11-30


- Data merges are now cached so that we do not have to merge the same two
  hashes repeatedly.
- Remove unnecessary encode call that slowed down generation of data key on

0.201001 2016-07-13


- The writer now throws an exception if you try to insert a network that
  contains an alias node. Previously, the alias node would be overwritten.

0.201000 2016-04-22


- The insertion methods now take a merge_strategy argument.
- An add-only-if-parent-exists merge strategy was added. This replaces the
  functionality of insert_only_if_parent_exists.


- Deprecated insert_only_if_parent_exists and force_overwrite insertion
  arguments. These arguments will now warn and will be removed in a future
  major release.
- Deprecated merge_record_collisions constructor argument. This argument will
  now warn and will be removed in a future major release.

0.200004 2016-04-20


- Added the optional tree insertion argument insert_only_if_parent_exists.
  When enabled, data will be inserted if a record already exists for the
  network and only if the parent hash reference already exists. This argument
  can only be used when the merge_strategy is "recurse".

0.200003 2016-04-11


- The Teredo range is no longer removed from the database when
  "remove_reserved_networks" is enabled. This range is globally routable and
  aliased to the IPv4 range when "alias_ipv6_to_ipv4" is enabled. Previously
  this alias would be removed if both "alias_ipv6_to_ipv4" and
  "remove_reserved_networks" were enabled.


- Allow changing the record size when unfreezing a frozen tree

0.200002 2016-04-07


- The in-memory tree now has a root record rather than a root node. This fixes
  the insertion of a /0 network (GitHub #55) and a segmentation fault when
  merging two /1 networks into a /0 network (GitHub #58). Although insertions
  of /0 are allowed (e.g., to create a default record for the database),
  writing, iterating, and freezing a database that only contains a single /0
  data record are currently forbidden.


- Fixed a bug where an incorrect node_count could be written to the database,
  causing invalid metadata errors when reading it.


- The node_count() method on the Tree object now always recalculates the node
  count rather than using a possibly incorrect cached value.

0.200001 2016-04-04


- Inserts into IPv4 aliased subtrees are no longer allowed when
  alias_ipv6_to_ipv4 is enabled. When using an aliased tree, you will only be
  able to insert IPv4 networks into :: If you are inserting these
  addresses using IPv4 notation, not IPv6, this is the default location and
  the change will not affect you. The reason for this is that inserting into
  the aliased subnets leads to complications in determining the correct tree
  depth for the insert and could also cause unintentional overwriting of data.


- Some memory leaks when throwing an exception were fixed.

0.200000 2016-03-31


- When calling $tree->write_tree(), this module now defaults to removing
  reserved and private networks from the tree before writing the tree to the
  filehandle. If you want to create a tree that contains private networks, set
  the constructor parameter "remove_reserved_networks" to false. This change
  of behavior was done to allow code that previously used
  Net::Works::Network->range_as_subnets() to use the new insert_range() method
  added in this release.
- When recursively merging a subtree, alias nodes are no longer followed.
  Although this is a behavior change, it should not affect most users are
  previously aliasing was done when the tree was written.


- This module no longer used Net::Works internally. This was done to improve
- Added MaxMind::DB::Writer::Tree->insert_range() method to provide a
  mechanism for adding IP address ranges that are not well-defined networks.
- Added MaxMind::DB::Writer::Tree->remove_network() to allow for removing a
  network from a tree.


- Previously, inserting IPv6-mapped IPv4 addresses into a IPv6 tree with IPv4
  aliasing enabled could result in a corrupt search tree unless the deprecated
  "::a.b.c.d" mapping was used. This happened because the IPv4 aliasing was
  only done after all of the data had been inserted.

0.100007 2016-03-24

- MaxMind::DB::Writer::Tree->new now accepts a merge_strategy parameter. When
  merge_record_collisions is set, the default merge strategy is "toplevel",
  which only merges the top level of the record hash. A new "recurse" merge
  strategy has been added, which recursively merged the records data
  structure, including both arrays and hashes. Please see the documentation
  for more details.

0.100006 2016-01-18

- The documentation incorrectly stated the the MaxMind::DB::Writer::Tree->new
  parameter "map_key_type_callback" was optional. It is actually required.

0.100005 2015-10-26

- $tree->insert_network now takes an optional additional-arguments hash
  reference parameter. If this hash contains a truthy value for the
  force_overwrite key, any data for the network will be overwritten even when
  merge_record_collisions is enabled.

0.100004 2015-07-15

- Previously two equivalent data structures added to a database could end up
  with different keys, causing both to be added to the final file separately.
  The key generation was updated to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

0.100003 2015-06-04

- Fixed a bug in the data thawing code that incorrectly incremented the
  SV referencing the HV rather than the HV. This could cause warnings about
  attempts to free an unreferenced SV.
- Fixed memory leaks on merge failures.
- Minor code cleanups.

0.100002 2015-04-23

- Fixed test suite on OS X: Altered to cope with different Net::Works network
  rendering on OS X

0.100001 2015-03-12

- Updated to the latest versions of the Math::Int128 (0.21) and Math::Int64
  (0.51) C API integration code, as well as depending on the newest version of
  the module from Perl.

0.080000 2015-03-04

- Implemented $tree->freeze_tree and
  MaxMind::DB::Writer::Tree->new_from_frozen_tree methods. This provides a way
  of passing the tree between different processes.

- Made the attribute reader methods for all values passed to the constructor

- Added some docs on how insert order affects overlapping networks. GitHub

- Fixed memory leaks when adding data to the tree.

- Reduced the size of various structs used in the C code to reduce memory

0.060000 2014-11-11

- The map_key_type_callback argument for the MaxMind::DB::Writer::Tree class
  is now required. In some use cases it's not really used but in the most
  common use case leaving it out simply leads to confusing errors when
  attempting to write the tree to disk. GH #10.

0.050007 2014-10-20

- The writer now iterates over the search tree in depth-first order when the
  MaxMind::DB::Writer::Tree->iterate method is called. This means that
  networks are seen in IP address order.

0.050006 2014-07-28

- The writer now throw an error when writing out the database if it would try
  to write a record value in the search tree that is larger than the search
  tree can handle. For example, if your record size is 24 bits, you cannot
  write a value larger than (2^24)-1. Fixed by Greg Oschwald.

- The Build.PL file shipped with this distro now dies if you try to run it on
  Windows, since this module simply doesn't work on Windows.

0.050005 2014-07-03

- The merge-on-collision feature was fairly broken. Fixed by Greg Oschwald.

0.050004 2014-05-27

- First public release