1.004     2011-02-17 22:04:28 America/Toronto

          Correct dependencies to indicate Math::Random::ISAAC
          is a runtime dependency (thanks rjbs)

          Lower Module::Build requirement to 0.2808_01, we successfully
          built with this version for 1.001.

1.003     2011-02-13 14:54:07 America/Toronto

          Migrate package to Dist::Zilla format

1.002     2011-02-13

          Changed my mail address to jawnsy@cpan.org

          Update POD

          Update MANIFEST.SKIP according to new defaults provided by

          Remove pass-through Makefile.PL

1.001     2009-08-18

          Remove generated files from the repository

          Use a simple string version, per David Golden's article:

          No longer use Perl::Critic to test

          Remove modules available in core since Perl 5.6 from requires

1.0.6     2009-07-25

          Rewrote POD a bit

          The last variables using TEST_AUTHOR now use

          Overhaul test scripts, remove author tests from Recommends
          (Alias' journal #5375)

          Provide a more generic README so I don't need to bother
          updating it.

          Minor cleanups in the LICENSE

          Removed CAVEATS from README

          Updated copyright statements

          Require Internet (TEST_INTERNET) to do the signature test,
          since it tries to download the key from a keyserver

          Slight reformatting, nothing significant.

          No longer enforce "one dot only" in filenames. This
          breaks compatibility with OpenVMS.

          Minor formatting changes

          Instead of joining the array, just pass an array ref
          (otherwise it is split into an array anyway) [Build.PL]

          Clarified license for the case where public domain is
          not permitted (ie, Germany)

          Applied patch from RT#46071 -- thanks to Taro Nishino.
          See: http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=46071

1.0.5     2009-05-12

          Add the Perl portability header ppport.h to MANIFEST

          New simplified license - Public Domain (fallback on MIT,
          Artistic-2+, GPL-2+ only)

          Removed requirement for minimum 'version' version

          Added ppport.h for portability to older Perls (this
          hasn't been a problem so far, but `perl ppport.h'
          suggested it due to SvUV)

          Added ExtUtils::ParseXS as a dependency; modules were
          failing to build on systems that don't have it installed,
          because the typemap isn't properly included by
          xsubpp/Module::Build. See:

          Made some changes mostly related to splint warnings:
          o Declared isaac() as static because it isn't used
            outside rand.c

          Minor reformatting

          Changed line to: if (ctx->randcnt-- == 0) { to make
          intent more obvious

1.0.4     2009-05-06

          Changed the valgrind test from an author test to its own
          special test - one must set TEST_VALGRIND=1 to test the
          module through valgrind. This must be done until we have
          better suppression support upstream in Test::Valgrind.

          Updated t/02valgrind.t so that tests are not planned
          (so Test::Valgrind can plan)

          Removed version-specific stuff from the README

          Reformatted the POD file

          Updated support information in META.yml and Build.PL

          Added some support information

          Reformatted rand.c a bit; moved variable definitions
          to the top

          Added .tmp to MANIFEST.SKIP

          Made this a dynamic config (instead of using META.yml)

          Added ExtUtils::CBuilder to META.yml

          Added Build.bat to MANIFEST.SKIP for Win32 builds...

1.0.3     2009-04-23

          Rewrote docs a bit

          Removed Pod::Usage dependency

          Added some example files for benchmarking the module and
          charting out the distribution generated by the module :-)

          Added Config to META.yml prerequisites (why not?). It's a
          core module so it wouldn't be missing anyway, and Build.PL
          would fail outright if it was.

1.0.2     2009-04-21

          Add Build.PL detection of int size

          Version bumped to 1.0.2

          A flag now controls whether 'int' or 'long' is used as the
          type: USE_INT. If Build.PL detects that int is 32bits wide,
          then it will use that type. Otherwise it'll use long, which
          is more portable.

          A flag will control if the portability code is used. Right
          now this involves masking all numbers with "& 0xffffffff"
          to cut off the high bits - this code isn't necessary for
          32-bit variable widths, so we might squeeze a bit more
          performance out this way

1.0.1     2009-04-07

          Changed the bootstrap loading to use VERSION instead
          of VERSION->numify, so that they match (prevents compile
          errors with "object version v1.0 does not match bootstrap
          parameter 1.000000" (apparently causes failures in 50% of
          machines so far)

1.0       2009-04-06

          Initial release