- Replace SvIV/SvUV/SvNV with SvIVX/SvUVX/SvNVX where appropriate.
 - Following typedef, replace "__complex128" with "complex128".
 - Fix alignment issue with nvtype=double -DDEBUGGING perls

 - Add additional test to t/overload_string.t
 - Fix typedef alignment for __float128 and __complex128 (mingw only)
 - Change default output to 36 decimal digits.

 - Modify try.in and Q.xs to allow for runtime v4 bugfixes (mingw64 compiler)
 - Modify t/conj_proj.t to allow for mingw64 gcc-4.9.2 bug that casts a long double
   inf to a __float128 nan.
 - Have the Makefile.PL perform a test that works around the brokenness of
   Bingos' NetBSD smoker(s).
 - Add nnumflag(), set_nnum() and clear_nnum() functions. Also start using the perl
   API function looks_like_number() to detect non-numeric strings.

 - Fix test bugs in t/abs_arg.t and t/new_F128.t

 - Try to detect the presence of the gcc bug in ctanq() and ctanhq(), and implement
   the workaround if required.

 - First release to CPAN