0.31 December 18, 2007

- Patch by Michael Scoltock (scoltock . at . ictp.it ) to fix subexec
- Patch submitted as guest user to fix the CGI Environment Problems.

0.30  March 19, 2004

- MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession is now a very thin wrapper around
Apache::Session::Wrapper (it's a wrapper wrapper!).  This change
should be transparent to users.

- Because of the above, you can now do this:

 PerlSetVar MasonSessionCookieExpires session

and get a cookie which expires when the browser is closed.  Requested
by Herald (RT #5615).

0.25  February 11, 2004

- Ken broke Module::Build's backwards compatibility with older
passthrough Makefile.PL scripts and went on vacation.  This version
has no code changes besides a newly generated Makefile.PL.

0.24  November 5, 2003

- This distro now includes the MasonX::Request::WithMultiSession
module.  This module tries to help solve the problem of allowing a
user to open multiple browser windows, each with their own individual
session-based state.

- Switched to Module::Build.

- Distribution is signed with Module::Signature.

0.23  August 15, 2003

- Changed the 01-basic.t tests to not use the
Apache::Session::Lock::File module, since file locking may not work on
all platforms.

0.22  August 12, 2003

- Fixed handling of the session_long_read_len and session_textsize
parameters.  Reported by Mario Truyens.

0.21  March 19, 2003

- Fixed the docs, which erroneously indicated that the session_handle
and session_lock_handle parameter could be set via an Apache config

0.20  February 21, 2003

- Added a session_args_param constructor parameter, which tells this
module to look in the request args for a session id.  This can be used
in combination with cookies or by itself.

- Cookies are now sent when the request object is created, not when
the session() method is first called.

- Rewrote the internals a bit to clean things up.  All tests pass but
as always, use caution when deploying a new release.

0.12  January 4, 2003

- Setting the session_cookie_resend parameter to false caused the
module to never send a cookie at all.  Reported and fixed by Michele

0.11  December 17, 2002

- Make sure Mason modules are loaded before declaring
HTML::Mason::Exception subclass.  Previously, loading this module
before loading HTML::Mason::Exceptions caused this module to die.

- Fixed a pod nit.

0.10  not released because I'm dumb

- This module would not set cookies properly when run with mod_perl
2.0 or when run under CGIHandler.  Even though it loaded CGI::Cookie,
it would attempt call ->bake on the cookie object, which only works
with Apache::Cookie.

- Added session_cookie_resend parameter, which allows you to tell this
module to not resend cookies every time the session is accessed.  The
default remains the same, which is to resend the cookie every time the
session is accessed.  Based on a patch from John Armstrong.

0.09  October 21, 2002

- ** Change the default cookie name to
"MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession".  This means if you were using
previous versions of the module with the default cookie name and you
install this one, old cookies will not be recognized.  You can
explicitly set the cookie name to the old value,
"HTML-Mason-Request-WithApacheSession", if this is a problem.

- The previous version would try to use Apache::Cookie for
reading/setting cookies even if it couldn't load Apache::Cookie.

0.08  October 19, 2002

- ** Renamed to MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession.  MasonX is the new
official namespace for classes distributed outside of the Mason core
that extend Mason.

This means that when you install this release, it will not replace
HTML::Mason::Request::WithApacheSession.  Make sure you change your
usage of this class in your httpd.conf or handler.pl file!

- Get cookie (and session id) in the constructor, so that the session
is available from the request object returned by
ApacheHandler->prepare_request().  Bug report by Matthias Juchem.

- Try to use Apache::Cookie if we're running under mod_perl, but
fallback to CGI::Cookie if necessary.

0.07  August 19, 2002 (from Taiwan)

- Some parameters which should have allowed undef were not allowing

- When an incoming cookie contained an invalid session id and a new
session was created, the old session id was still being set in the
cookie for that request.  Reported by Warren Welch.

0.06  August 1, 2002

- Every call to $m->session was baking a new cookie.  Reported by
Chris Huseman.
- Added $m->delete_session method.  Suggested by Chris Huseman.

0.05  July 23, 2002

- Use Request->alter_superclass method available in Mason 1.12.

0.04  July 17, 2002

- Make it play nicer with a caching Class::Container.

0.03  July 15, 2002

- Make it work with upcoming Class::Container (which does more

- Fix handling of subrequests.

0.02  June 20, 2002

- Make it work with CGIHandler as well.

- Add Apache::Session to prereq (duh!).  Reported by Alex Muntada.

0.01  June 12, 2002

- initial release