Revision history for Perl extension MasonX::Interp::WithCallbacks.

1.19  2011-06-21T04:33:14
      - Fixed a pasto in the "Support" section.
      - Moved repostitory to [GitHub](
      - Fixed installation documentation in the READE so that it demonstrates
        using `Build.PL rather than `Makefile.PL`, as the latter is not
        included in the distribution.

1.18  2008-05-03T23:26:42
      - Added "configure_requires" parameter to Build.PL and added Test::Pod
        to the "recommends" parameter.
      - Updated POD test to require Test::Pod 1.20 or later.
      - Fixed test failures under Perl 5.6. Reported by Slaven Rezic via
      - Added a link to the Subversion repository.
      - Fixed the test suite to run properly with Apache::TestMB under
        mod_perl 2 as well as mod_perl 1.
      - Fixed failing test with older versions of CGI, such as that
        distributed with Perl 5.6.2.

1.17  2007-07-24T19:37:47
      - Fixed test failures with Mason 1.36. Patch from Niko Tyni.

1.16  2006-07-21T17:00:55
      - Replaced broken passthrough Makefile.PL with a real Makefile.PL.
        Reported by Scott Lanning.

1.15  2006-05-26T23:02:03
      - Added missing t/htdocs/ to MANIFEST and therefore to the
        distribution. D'oh!

1.14  2006-05-26T22:55:15
      - Now passing the the interp object to callbacks via the new 'requster'
        parameter the request() method of Params::CallbacRequest, introduced
        in version 1.15 of that module.
      - Added the comp_path() accessor. This so that callbacks can change it
        if they want, by calling $cb->requester->comp_path($comp_path).
      - Fixed CGI redirect tests to be compliant with the new "302 Found"
        header created by It used to be "302 Moved".

1.13  2004-11-19T02:37:50
      - Makefile.PL no longer requires Apache::TestMB, since it may not
        be installed, but MasonX::Interp::WithCallbacks can still be installed
        with Module::Build. Reported by Scott Lanning.
      - Added Apache::TestMB to the list of recommended modules in Build.PL.

1.12  2004-06-28T17:04:23
      - Fixed Apache tests to eliminate failure under more recent versions
        of Apache::Test and LWP.
      - Changed "%PARAMS" to the correct Mason hash, "%ARGS", in the synopsis.
        Reported by Mike Dorman.
      - Ported installer from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Build using the
        newly released Apache::TestMB.

1.11  Wed Oct  8 20:12:20 2003
      - Require Class::Container 0.09 or later. It seems that older versions
        don't work properly.
      - Updated Apache test to skip tests if the Apache server doesn't run
        mod_perl. Suggesed by Geoffrey Young.
      - Stopped checking for presence of LWP in Apache tests, since
        Apache::TestClient should work fine for the simple test requests.
      - The module now requires HTML::Mason 1.23, rather than just the
        requirements in Makefile.PL.
      - Require Params::CallbackRequest 1.11 or later to be in sync with
        request callback order of execution.
      - Fixed failing tests of notes functionality under Apache. Not sure
        how they ever passed, frankly.

1.10  Mon Sep  8 21:15:42 2003
      - Code moved over from MasonX::ApacheHandler::WithCallbacks, which is
        deprecated. Differences from that class are as follows.
      - Callback handling code from MasonX::ApacheHandler::WithCallbacks has
        been migrated to Params::CallbackRequest.
      - Code from MasonX::CallbackHandler has been migrated to
      - MasonX::CallbackTester has been removed, since it isn't necessary
        in a non-mod_perl environment.
      - Params::CallbackRequest::Exceptions supplies the exceptions thrown
        by Params::CallbackRequest, since that module is not strictly
        connected to Mason.
      - Changed the request_args() accessor from MasonX::CallbackHandler to
        params() in Params::Callback, to reflect the idea that this is a
        generic parameter-triggered callback architecture.
      - Replaced the ah() accessor, since the callback controller isn't a
        Mason ApacheHandler anymore, with cb_request() in Params::Callback.
      - Added cb_request() accessor to MasonX::Interp::WithCallbacks.
      - Replaced the "exec_null_cb_values" parameter from
        MasonX::ApacheHandler::WithCallbaks, which had defaulted to true,
        with "ignore_nulls" in Params::CallbackRequest, which defaults to
      - Added Params::CallbackRequest notes() interface, which copies all
        notes to the Mason request notes() interface before the request