Revision history for Perl extension MarpaX::Languages::SVG::Parser.

1.09  2017-08-13T17:56:00
	- Adopt new repo structure. See
	- Replace File::Slurp with File::Slurper to help fix CPAN Tester error reports.
	- Add t/00.versions.* to display the version #s of all pre-reqs.
	- Fix typo in scripts/

1.08  Fri Mar  6 09:31:00 2015
	- Replace XML::SAX::ParserFactory with XML::Parser, now that I'm using Perl V 5.20.2,
		and the utf8 pain goes away.
	- Rewrite MarpaX::Languages::SVG::Parser::SAXHandler as *::XMLHandler.
	- Expand recognized components of SVG file to include:
		Doctype and XML declarations. XML::Parser seg faults on comments.
		So now output will contain multiple lines for each of the 2 newly processed features.
	- Change file encoding in lib/MarpaX/Languages/SVG/ and t/
		Note: I'm running Text::CSV::Encoded V 0.22 patched as per #RT93438.
		Also I'm now running Perl V 5.20.2, which requires the patch just mentioned.

1.07  Fri Sep 19 16:19:00 2014
	- Fix code which generates the demo page.

1.06  Fri Sep 19 09:15:00 2014
	- Fix typo in repo in Build.PL.

1.05  Wed Sep 17 17:22:00 2014
	- Update Build.PL and Makefile.PL re putting this package on github.

1.04  Thu May 27 08:31:00 2014
	- Remove t/version.t, and so remove Test::Version, since the latter fails when combined with Test::Pretty.
		I do not use Test::Pretty, only Test::More.

1.03  Sat Feb 22 17:44:00 2014
	- Add 'lexeme default = latm => 1' to the grammar.
	- Make V 2.082 the minimum version for Marpa::R2.

1.02  Fri Nov  1 15:51:00 2013
	- Stop tests from requiring *::Utis, which uses *::Config, which is for my use only.
	- Simplify t/ by not 'use'ing unused modules.

1.01  Tue Oct 29 16:23:00 2013
	- Set utf8 (sic) unilaterally on the log output, if logging. This allows STDOUT to be redirected.
		For non-utf8 input files (data/*.svg except data/utf8.01.svg), it will not be noticed.
		For data/utf8.01.svg, and similar user files, it is vital if log ouptut is being captured.
		Note: utf-8 (sic) is not supported by Log::Handler, as of V 0.80. I'll send the author a patch.
	- Fix counting of points within polygons and polylines. This was only a convenience, but was a bug.
	- Change hashref output in the case of commands, as in data/ellipse.02.log:
			Item  Type              Name              Value
			29    command           -                 M
		To what it should have been all along:
			29    command           M                 -
	- Eliminate the action object, and use some globals instead. This means the action class was re-written
		to avoid using Moo. Global variables are declared in the action class, and initialized in the SAX handler
		class. This is hardly ideal. We await Marpa::R3.
	- The action functions now return the hashrefs which used to be pushed onto a stack.
	- Add the decode_result() method in, to handle arbitrarily nested arrayrefs and hashrefs.
		This is the code required to unscramble what's returned by Marpa as the result of the parse.
		The unscrambling makes the hashrefs returned by the action subs available as a list.
	- Edit grammar slightly because we now use Marpa instead of Set::Array to gather results.
		This just consists in making some tokens hidden from the semantics, i.e. in changing:
			translate ::= 'translate'  '('  number_set  ')'  action => command
			translate ::= 'translate' ('(') number_set (')') action => command
	- Update docs in each module.
	- Add scripts/ to convert data/*.svg into data/*.log.
	- Add t/ to check output of against data/*.log.
	- Rename t/runner.t to t/

1.00  Thu Oct 20 13:34:00 2013
	  - Original version