Revision history for Perl extension MP3::M3U::Parser.

2.33 2018-12-25 BURAK
    - Distro fixes.

2.32 Tue Jul  5 01:13:42 2016
    - Bump version.

2.31 Sun Jul  8 01:50:04 2012
    - Bump version.

2.30 Thu Dec 31 04:39:58 2009
    - Perl::Critic refactoring.
    - HTML::Entities is now an optional dependency.
    - New tests.

2.24 Thu Sep  3 02:02:02 2009
    - Pod & distro fixes. Also correct a typo after __END__.

2.23 Thu Apr 23 14:50:16 2009
    - Update builder.

2.22 Sat Apr 18 06:23:24 2009
    - Update distro tools.

2.21 Sun Mar 29 08:20:01 2009
    - Fixed an issue related to network paths.
       Reported by Paul Miller <>.
    - Converted the distro files to LF from CRLF.
    - Updated test suite.
    - Test::More 0.40 is now required.

2.20 Sun Jun 18 03:58:36 2006
    - SIGNATURE sent to oblivion :p
    - Added Build.PL
    - Updated Makefile.PL
    - Updated tests
    - Updated copyright & license
    - Private methods (including template() & search())
       renamed to include an initial underscore:
          search() -> _search()
          template -> _template()
       Beware() if you->are('sub-classing');

2.1 Tue Sep 14 20:47:09 2004
    - export() now has the ability to dump the generated data
       to a scalar instead of exporting to a file. Useful for
       web programming and dynamic generation. To enable this,
       -toscalar option must be passed with a scalar ref.
    - Module now require()s IO::File, File::Spec and Cwd if needed.
       Because, we won't need this modules, if the user works with
       scalars instead of disk files. This will save some memory 
       and incerase speed I believe. If you are parsing scalar
       data and do not use export(), then no external modules 
       will be loaded.
    - Updated HTML and XML templates for -toscalar compatibility.
    - Updated Makefile.PL
    - Updated pod.
    - Added new tests to demonstrate -toscalar option.
    - Added a CGI example code to distro.
    - Some minor fixes.

2.01 Mon Jul 26 19:54:14 2004
    - Minor fix in Pod.
    - SONG element was including ".mp3" if it is 
       extracted from PATH. Fixed.
    - ARTIST element was including path info. Fixed.
       But, if the song name or artist includes slash or backslash,
       we have a problem

2.0 Fri Jul 23 23:19:48 2004
    - Now the module looks *like* a module. It was
       like a program code before. With this version
       it does only the parsing job. 
    - Removed directory reading codes. 
    - Removed some parameters passed to new()
    - Removed ignore chars thingies.
    - Removed Dump() method.
    - parse() now accepts file_paths/filehandles/scalars as 
       parameters. You can mix and use these types together; the 
       parser is now smart enough to do the right job with the 
       related type.
    - parse() now returns the object itself. 
       Use the brand new result() method to get the parsed tree.
       This new behaviour is a result of adding the chaining
       ability of public methods.
    - Object table structure and m3u key orders are changed.
       Object table is now more complex and verbose.
    - Returned result set is now an array not hash.
    - Module now checks if the file is a valid m3u file, 
       before parsing it. Dies if it is invalid.
    - The new method reset() resets the parser object. Might
       be usefull in loops. For example: you can export each
       m3u to it's separate file with reset() without any extra work.
    - The module no longer requires Data::Dumper, but it now requires
       Cwd and Text::Template.
    - Exported HTML file is now fully templated. You can subclass
       the module and override template() method to change the HTML 
       template. Currently, I'm not planning to add a template for 
       XML type.
    - Added new namespace MP3::M3U::Parser::Dummy for Text::Template.
    - Added tcompile() method for compiling templates.
    - drive key returned from info() is now an array.
    - Added locate_file() method to get the full path of a file,
       if the file is in the current working directory.
    - Parser now tries to extract the artist and song infos into 
       a separate data field.
    - New option '-overwrite' added to new() and export(). It 
       controls the behaviour of module in export() globally or 
       locally depending on where you set it.
    - export() checks if the export file already exists. Dies
       if it exists and you didn't select to overwrite it.
    - Pod updated.
    - Subclassing examples added to Pod.
    - You can now set the encoding of exported files 
       from new() globally via -encoding option.
    - You can now set the format of exported files from 
       new() globally via -expformat option.
    - You can now set the -drives option for export() from 
       new() globally via -expdrives option.
    - But parameters passed to export() has the priority.
    - XML element names changed.

1.1 Mon Aug 25 21:42:31 2003
    - Better XML escaping.
    - Added '-ignore_chars' parameter.
    - Fixed a bug in seconds()
    - Moved module to ./lib/MP3/M3U in the 
       distribution package.

1.04 Sun Jun 22 15:54:43 2003
    - Removed sort() from export() method (the module was using 
       it on the $self->{M3U}{$cd} object table). 
       Thanks to Patrick Bourdon.

1.03 Tue Jun 10 22:38:53 2003
    - HTML code is valid HTML 4.01 & valid CSS. But you can get 
       "non SGML character number" errors if your list(s) have 
       some of the undefined chars. I may add a filter to 
       escape these in the future.
    - Some minor fixes.

1.02 Mon Mar 10 22:33:04 2003
    - Fixed the comma bug. Reported by Brandon Lederer.
    - Fixed a bug in the formatting seconds part.
    - Empty result keys (if a search didn't find any matches 
       in a list for example) are ignored when exporting to xml.
    - Fixed the html playlist (css code was wrong and only 
       IE was displaying it correctly).
    - Updated the POD.

1.01 Wed Feb 26 18:14:51 2003
    - Fixed definition of Dump() in the POD. 
    - Added the definition of the parsed data structure to 
       the POD. 
    - Added the test 't/use.t' to the distribution. Module's 
       code didn't changed.

1.00 Tue Feb 25 19:23:14 2003
    - First release.