Written by:
   Sullivan Beck (sbeck@cpan.org)
Any suggestions, bug reports, or donations :-) should be sent to me.

0.90  2013-03-13
  - Initial release (beta)

0.91  2013-03-18
  - Removed some optional packages from requirement list.
  - Fixed requirement for Test::Inter so that tests would not fail.

0.92  2013-12-06
  - Removed a require line for perl 5.10 (earlier versions should work).
  - Added =encoding to POD files so UTF-8 works.
  - In the quant substitutions, the format is much nicer now (but is
      backward compatible).
  - Added Cancel buttons to the lm_gui.
  - Message descriptions are now multi-line.
  - POD files for message sets are now more complete.  POD files are
      no longer created for lexicons.
  - Documentation improvements.
  - Changed HISTORY file to new Changes specification.

0.93  2014-01-29
  - Fixed pod files to not give any errors.
  - Added copyright to the generated lexicons.
  - Cleaned up pod in generated files.

0.94  2014-01-31
  - Minor release to fix CPAN POD indexing issue (doe not affect the
    module at all).

0.95  2015-01-05
  - Put repository on GitHub. Gabor Szabo
  - Fixed a test which failed with perl 5.21.* .  Slaven Rezic