- Install on systems with a non-english locale
  - BREAKING CHANGE (content): Updated all languages + country_language mappings, some languages changed code, as some were misspelt, and some werent ISO 639-3/T as stated in the docs.

2012-11-22: 0.79

2007-10-22: 0.78
  - Added "Republic of Serbia" and "Republic of Montenegro", new countries since
    last year.

2007-09-04: 0.77
  - The Unicode edition. Added currency symbols for numerous currencies
    that had previously been spelt out, like "slashed C" for the Costa Rican
    colón, and "Tug" instead of the the Mongolian tögrög symbol. Improved
    spelling/accentage of some currency names but most likely some more
    work is needed. As usual, please let me know of ommissions/inaccuracies.
    I did not include several symbols that do not currently seem to be
    well supported, such as "U+20B2: GUARANI SIGN" and "U+17DB: KHMER
2007-08-11: 0.76
  - Jess Robinson and Matt S. Trout reported that using Getopt::Long in
    Build.PL for the verbose option was eating up options meant to go to
    Module::Build - fixed with a suggestion from Jos Boumans. Also renamed
    the --verbose option to --showsql.
  - DBD::SQLite wasn't in build_requires (Matt again).
  - Pound symbol (£) was missing from the SQL (Jess again).
  - Removed unnecessary use of warnings::register in most modules.
  - Version number for Locale::Object::Country was incorrect.

2007-01-06: 0.75
  - More helpful Build.PL output. Will display the SQL being run if you use
    the flag --verbose.
  - Some minor updates to documentation and pruning of unneeded files.

2006-06-28: 0.74
  - Tom Insam at Fotango kindly patched Locale::Object to create the database
    at build time from an SQL dump, instead of relying on a binary file 
    distributed with the modules which could go painfully out of date (see 
    note below). This smartly circumvents the issue I'd been having and means 
    we can to back to using DBD::SQLite. Thanks Tom.
  - Dependencies updated to accomodate changes in DateTime.

2006-06-26: 0.73X, the evil bearded release from the mirror universe

  - PAUSE-- # Allows co-maintainer to upload a version that already exists!

2005-08-12: 0.73
  - Switched to using DBD::SQLite2 to access the database, on a tip from
    Nathan McFarland. This is a workaround for the fact that SQLite's
    internal format has changed. I've received several requests to release a
    new version using the SQLite 3 format for the DB, and despite a 
    protracted period of trying very hard to convert it (see 
    http://use.perl.org/~hex/journal/24191 for the gory details) I still 
    haven't managed to get it working yet - hence this workaround.

2004-04-24: 0.72
  - Added a note to Language.pm about obsolete ISO 639 codes on a tip from 
    Robin Szemeti.
  - Got rid of a warning the appearing when Object.pm tests were run.
2004-03-31: 0.71
  - Ask Bjoern Hansen provided a patch for a bug in using Antarctica as a
    country and spotted that Congo was missing a continent listing in the
    database. Thanks!
2004-01-15: 0.7
  - New sane() and make_sane() methods for Object.pm.
  - New languages_official() method for Country.pm.
  - Fixed a broken error message in Language.pm.
  - Fixed list markup in database.pod.

2004-01-06: 0.6
  - New timezone() and all_timezones() methods for Country.pm that
    interface with DateTime::TimeZone.
  - Added new timezone table to db; removed old UTC offset stuff,
    because DT::TZ deals with that.
  - Moved Locale::Object::DB::Schemata to docs/database.pod as that
    makes more sense.
  - Added documentation to Object.pm.
  - Added missing "Congo, the Democratic Republic of the" to db.
  - Renumbered 00pod.t to 99pod.t.
2003-12-30: 0.54_02
  - Converter.pm only "carp"s now, not "croak"s, when required modules 
    are missing.
  - Fixed broken version number for Scalar::Util in Build.PL.
2003-12-29: 0.54_01
  - Locale::Object itself now has functionality: creating compound
    objects that can contain country, currency and language objects.
    This is still incomplete, and the API is almost certainly going
    to change.
  - Altered tests and Converter.pm further after 0.53 test results
    for more robustness. No longer has Finance::Currency::Convert::XE
    and Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo as requirements.
  - Language.pm's countries() will now return an array in array 
    context. Added missing documentation for method.
  - Changed tests to use isa_ok().
  - Removed an incorrect line of documentation from Language.pm.

2003-12-22: 0.53
  - Removed a chunk of old code that had got back into DB.pm 
    somehow and was causing warnings.
  - Modified Converter.pm to try and deal with errors a little 
  - Changed tests in 06converter.t to only indicate if conversions 
    don't succeed, rather than fail and break installation - if 
    they don't succeed, it may be a network problem rather than one
    with the module. (Thanks to Jost Krieger and Barbie for test 
    results prompting this change.)

2003-12-18: 0.52
  - Made Continent.pm, Country.pm, Currency.pm and Language.pm 
    subclasses of Object.pm so they could share one new() method for
    code efficiency. Also fixed them to have get/set methods for
    internal attributes to improve robustness. Thanks to James Duncan
    for both these suggestions.
2003-12-18: 0.51
  - Slight documentation patch.

2003-12-17: 0.5
  - Added new module: Locale::Object::Currency::Converter.

2003-12-16: 0.41
  - Added UTC offset data to the db.
  - Added utc_offset_main() and utc_offsets_all() to Country.pm.
  - Added a few more tests to bring subroutine coverage to 100%.
2003-12-09: 0.4
  - Added dialing_codes column to the the country table in the db
    and populated it with international dialing codes. 
  - Added dialing_code method to Country.pm.
  - Removed unused name_native, main_timezone and 
    uses_daylight_savings columns from the db, their 
    associated methods in Country.pm and listings in Schemata.pm.
  - Added a couple of spots of missing POD markup to Schemata.pm.
  - Updated two slightly out-of-date error messages in DB.pm.
2003-12-01: 0.31
  - Added Language.pm to MANIFEST where it should have been.
2003-11-28: 0.3
  - Added a new module: Language.pm.
  - The database now contains a table of language-country mappings.
  - New languages() method for Country.pm.
  - New lookup_dual() method for DB.pm.
  - Altered DB.pm's lookup() method - now returns a reference to an 
    array of hashes rather than an array. This should not change 
    again. Removed redundant lookup_all() method as a result.
  - Continent.pm does now really actually give back an array.
  - Added continent names to the database for some Pacific islands 
    that should have been listed as Oceania but weren't.
  - Added currencies to the db that were missing for those same 

2003-11-25: 0.2
  - Cleaned up the API a little - the countries() method in 
    Continent.pm and Currency.pm now gives an array back, instead 
    of a hash.

2003-11-25: 0.11
  - Fixed a bit of semi-finished and outdated documentation in DB.pm 
    that had crept past me.
  - Added a little bit more documentation to copy-for-test.PL for

2003-11-24: 0.1
  - Initial release.