0.18    2020-09-05

- Switched to GitHub Issues.

0.17    2020-09-05

- Fix pod formatting errors that hid some function documentation. Fixed by
  Olaf Alders. GH #10.

0.16    2020-02-29

- Updated copied docs from other modules to their latest versions.

0.15    2018-12-10

- Require List::UtilsBy 0.11 and include the docs from that version.

- Require List::SomeUtils 0.56 and include the docs from that version.

0.14    2017-02-07

- Re-release after git pull of some changes.

0.13    2017-02-07

- The docs for the subs from List::UtilsBy were repeated twice. Reported by
  Andy Lester. RT #120123.

0.12    2016-10-16

- Nothing from List::UtilsBy was actually being exported, because of a typo
  and a lack of testing. Reported by Greg Oschwald. GitHub #5.

0.11    2016-06-26

- Added List::UtilsBy to the list of included modules. Based on a patch from
  Yanick Champoux. GH #3.

0.10    2016-05-08

- Switched from List::MoreUtils to List::SomeUtils. This should not change any
  functionality of the module.

- Make the test for subroutine redefined warnings much more
  specific. Previously tests could fail because of totally unrelated warnings
  from other modules. Reported by ribasushi. RT #113740.

0.09    2014-10-05

- Clarify which of List::Util and List::MoreUtils wins when they both provide
  the same function. Requested by Karen Etheridge. RT #98560.

0.08    2014-04-01

- This version now works with both List::MoreUtils 0.28-0.33 and the latest
  trial version, 0.400_006. Note that it does not work with earlier versions
  of 0.400.

0.07    2013-10-14

- The last version totally broke all exports from List::MoreUtils. Now there
  are actual tests for this. Reported by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa. RT #89509.

0.06    2013-10-14

- List::Util 1.33 provides some subs that are also provided by
  List::MoreUtils. This caused subroutine redefeined warnings. List::AllUtils
  now only imports subs from List::MoreUtils that aren't defined by
  List::Util. This works with List::Util 1.31+. Reported by Zefram. RT #89467.

0.05    2013-08-30

- Really require List::Util 1.31, instead of just saying so in the
  Changes. Reported by Przemysław Wesołek. RT #88296

0.04    2013-08-25

- Updated to require List::Util 1.31, which includes a bunch of new pairwise

0.03    2012-02-21

- Updated docs to match List::MoreUtils 0.28+. Reported by ilmari. RT #75196.

0.02   2009-09-12

- Added a generated Makefile.PL. Fixes RT #48805.

- Code tweak so that this module will always export everything exported by
  List::Util, even if that module adds new functions.

0.01   2009-01-23

- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.