Revision history for Linux-FD

0.011     2014-05-11 13:08:16 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fix various compilation issues on threaded perls

0.010     2014-05-10 00:08:30CEST+0200 Europe/Amsterdam
          Run signal handlers ASAP
          Move all remaining pure-perl code to xs

0.009     2012-08-16 12:29:53 Europe/Amsterdam
          Allocate sigset buffer correctly

0.008     2012-07-06 15:19:20 Europe/Bucharest
          Move some code from Perl to XS, mixing was more complicated.
          Improve strerror_r detection

0.007     2011-12-04 13:10:14 Europe/Amsterdam
          Improve compatibility with legacy perl versions
          Fixed C89 compatibility

0.006     2011-12-02 01:37:32 Europe/Amsterdam
          Added semaphore support to Linux::FD::Event

0.005     2011-09-15 01:22:49 Europe/Amsterdam
          Converted to Dist::Zilla
          Handle 5.15.3's new POSIX::SigSet representation
          Fix strerror_r usage wrt GNU vs POSIX

0.004   2010-11-26
        Made blocking handles the default again, to avoid confusion
        Reversed module loading, so modules can be loaded separately
        Improve sigmask_t support

0.003   2010-10-29
        Converted send/receive methods to XS to be able to handle quads regardless of perl's IV size

0.002   2010-09-24
        Fixed a unit test

0.001   2010-09-20
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.