Revision history for Lingua-HU-Numbers

0.07	2008-04-16
	- Fixing version number typo in META.yml

0.06	2008-04-16
	- Fixed and extended META.yml, added a META.yml test.
	- Fixed UTF-8 support of the module, due to missing 'use utf8' declaration.
	- Added LICENSE file.

0.05	2007-07-27
	A simple example has been added and also Module::Install has been
	upgraded to a version that complies with the 1.3 META.yml specification.
	The module is now encoded in and operates on UTF-8, listening to the 
	demand of times.

	A typo that caused 10 to be displayed as 100 in ordinal has been fixed and 
	test case added.

0.04	2006-03-27
	Added ordinal support.

0.03	2006-03-18
	Added real number support.

0.02	2006-03-15
	Added negative integer support,
	changed to using Module::Install and
	now using SIGNATURE to verify authenticity.

0.01    2006-03-13
        Initial release.