Revision history for Perl module Lingua::EN::Fractions

0.09 2017-08-16 NEILB
    - Added support for Unicode fractions that weren't already supported.
      Thanks to Ben Bullock for the pull request for this.

0.08 2015-10-27 NEILB
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username
    - Include a META.json in releases, and tag & push to github on release

0.07 2014-08-16
    - Added Travis config, and use CopyFilesFromBuild to copy Makefile.PL
      to the top directory, so Travis can use it.

0.06 2014-06-18
    - Added support for Unicode MINUS SIGN. Thanks to Nick Patch
      for the pull request that added this.

0.05 2014-06-16
    - Added support for Unicode fraction characters and the Unicode
    - Adding the Unicode support bumps min version to 5.8.0, for pragma utf8.

0.04 2014-06-15
    - Added support for a whole part ahead of the fraction.
      eg "1 2/3" is converted as "one and two thirds".
    - Added a testsuite for the :constants option to Number::Fraction

0.03 2014-06-07
    - Skip Number::Fraction as a prereq, since it's only explicitly
      used in a testsuite, which is skipped if you don't have
      Number::Fraction installed.

0.02 2014-06-06
    - Fix typo in example output in pod. Thanks to Nick Patch.
    - Added a testsuite to confirm that fraction2words() works fine
      with instances of Number::Fraction.

0.01 2014-06-05
    - First release to CPAN, inspired by email from Sean Burke