1.12    2016-09-29
	- Fix to work with Net::DNS 1.03 (RT#108745)
	  Net::DNS::bgsend()/bgread() API changed in a backward-incompatible
	  way in 1.03. Deal with either a IO::Select object or a socket, as it
	  was before.  (Cosimo Streppone <cosimo@cpan.org>)
    - fixed: https://github.com/csirtgadgets/LWPx-ParanoidAgent/issues/18
    - fixed: https://github.com/csirtgadgets/LWPx-ParanoidAgent/issues/14

1.11	2014-
	- fixed read-timeout issue: https://github.com/csirtgadgets/LWPx-ParanoidAgent/issues/7

1.10	2013-11-11
	- fixed: https://github.com/csirtgadgets/LWPx-ParanoidAgent/issues/3
	- fixed: https://github.com/csirtgadgets/LWPx-ParanoidAgent/issues/4

1.09:   2013-05-02
	- released
	- Makefile.PL updated

1.08_02:    2013-04-29
	- removed TLS test for now, some cpan testers reporting issues with the configuration, seems pointless given the Makefile

1.08_01:    2013-04-26
	- removed some of the tests that seem to fail on congested machines (eg: cpantesters).

1.08:       2013-03-30
	- [SREZIC] added mirror support: https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=44569

1.07:  2009-08-05
	- Skip the whole test when it can't bind to the specified private IP
	  (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
	- Fix the way to get LWP error when it's set to X-Died instead of $@
	  (Zbigniew Lukasiak)

1.06:  2009-07-17
	- explicitly load deprecated module LWP::Debug, now that it's not
	  loaded by default.  (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <miyagawa@gmail.com>)

1.05:  2009-06-21
	- patch from Alessio Signorini <alessio.signorini@spryte.it> to
	  quiet a warning that could be triggered

1.04:  2008-10-30
	- fix tests to no longer rely on my DNS servers, which had since migrated
	  to EasyDNS which doesn't allow the types of malicious records I was
	  testing for.  instead, switch to a mock object resolver.
	  (Brad Fitzpatrick, brad@danga.com)

1.03:  2006-08-21
	- run under taint mode (Curtis Jewell <perl@csjewell.fastmail.us>)

        - block and (Robby Griffin <rmg@terc.edu>)

1.02:  2005-05-24
	- block as well (Andy Thomas <andy.thomas2@gmail.com>)

1.01:  2005-05-23
	- more POD docs (constructor and method calls)

	- be aware of all forms of IP address (a, a.b, a.b.c, a.b.c.d)
	  where all of a, b, c, and d can be in decimal, octal, or hex.
	  (thanks to Martin Atkins and Timwi for pointing this out) pass
	  in the canonicalized version of the IP address to the bad hosts

1.00:  2005-05-20
 	- fix holes pointed out by Martin Atkins (led to me doing all the
	  Net::DNS and manual resolving work)

	- bundle the test script by adding a local webserver mode to it,
	  rather than using an xinetd script

0.99:  2005-05-19
	- initial release