Revision history for Perl extension Javascript::SHA1.

1.07  Sun Feb 21 12:55:28 2010
	- Remove text 'All rights reserved' (for Debian licensing).
	- Remove POD heads 'Required Modules' and 'Changes'.

1.06  Wed Feb 10 14:02:11 2010
	- MANIFEST.SKIP updated to exclude MYMETA.yml. Add MYMETA.yml.

1.05  Fri Nov 13 13:20:00 2009
	- Run dos2unix
	- Rename Changes.txt to CHANGES

1.04  Thu Oct 23 18:11:00 2008
	- Remove ^M chars from source, including within the Javascript

1.03  Sat Aug 04 13:52:00 2007
	- Extend method javascript() to take a second parameter, which is the
		number of the CGI form within the HTML page. The allows the module to
		operate on an HTML page containing more than one CGI form.
		The default value is 0, which is the first form, and perhaps the only form,
		on the page. So, no need to upgrade if you only have one form per page
	- Update the docs to describe this new parameter
	- Note: Original patch kindly supplied by Thomas Goik
1.02  Fri Oct 21 14:27:00 2005
	- No code changes (ouside new() ), so no need to upgrade
	- Simplify code in new() to no longer check if caller is an object
		as per the new standard on such matters. Personally, I don't care :-)
	- Add more things to MANIFEST.SKIP
	- Regenerate META.yml with Module::Build V 0.2611 to correct a faulty
		META.yml output by V 0.24 which falsely said 'provides: {}',
		which in turn stopped the PAUSE indexer from finding the file,
		which in turn meant this module was omitted from the master index:

1.01  Tue Jul 20 20:43:00 2004
	- Change Makefile.PL to coexist with Module::Build
	- Add t/pod.t to test all PODs

1.00  Fri Mar  05 10:23:29 2004
	- Original version
	- The Javascript is Paul Johnston's version, from his web site:
	- There are 3 functions, str2hex_sha1(), str2b64_sha1() and str2str_sha1(), to return various versions
		of the digest