Imager-File-HEIF 0.003 - 05 Apr 2019

 - require libheif 1.4.0.
   Older versions don't properly initialize some class members which
   can result in images that don't meet the spec for non-trivial
   programs.  libheif itself can load such images, but other software
   (OS X Preview at least) will fail to load the image.

 - use the encoder defaults for quality instead of our own.

 - use a new libheif encoder object for each image rather than re-using
   the encoder object.

Imager-File-HEIF 0.002 - 11 Feb 2019

Improve library probing to:

 - reject too old libraries

 - reject libraries without h.265 encoding (libx265) and decoding

Imager-File-HEIF 0.001 - 10 Feb 2019

Initial release.

Supports reading and writing HEIF/HEIC images.

You can specify the compression level or use lossless compression,
though the RGB => YCbCr conversion makes that lossy too.